International Human Resource Management Case Study

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1. Q: Which of the following two concepts is more critical for international Human Resource Management: understanding the cultural environment or understanding the political and legal environment? Why? Include key terms and concepts from the textbook.

While there are many various global issues that affect the International Human Resource Management to run efficiently, there are two key concepts that play a major role in understanding how to approach them with cohesive and a well coherent strategy; they are the International Human Recourse Management Strategy and Understanding the Cultural Environment. In the International Resource Management strategy, many companies will do their research in finding companies that offer the following:
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“Perhaps the most systematic study of national values was undertaken by Dutch scholar Geert Hofstede, who studied cultural differences among managers in fifty-three countries” (DeNisi & Griffin, 2014, p. 56). Those five dimensions are as follows: “power distance, individualism versus collectivism, masculinity versus femininity, uncertainty avoidance; and time orientation” (pgs. 56- 57). While the United States is highly recognized for its individualism compared to other countries, they faired quite low in the rest of the five dimensional areas compared to its competitors in other countries. It shows that Hofstede’s research theory provides useful insight as to the cultural differences countries face when interacting with differences within these cultures throughout the world. Although all of these concepts are critical, there is one more cultural factor that is significant; and that is the children. Child labor to be exact, affects many countries such as Bangladesh where their children are required to help supplement the family income; through working for low wage entities. Instead of getting an education they work to help care for their loved ones by seeking work at a young age. While this may be acceptable, and followed as part of their customs in some countries, others prefer to apply other strategies in helping with the clarifications of how International Resource Management policies differ; and to which procedures actually work in that
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