Coca Cola Commercial Analysis: 'America The Beautiful'

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For every Super Bowl, millions of excited fans tune in to watch their favorite teams compete and enjoy the ecstatic atmosphere. One aspect of the Super Bowl are the usual entertaining advertisements. During the 2014th Super Bowl, an American based company, Coca Cola, had advertised their product in a rather different way causing some political controversy. Coca Cola’s advertisements always highlights the theme of people enjoying a moment of happiness and can be united while drinking a delightful Coke. In this case, their 60 second advertisement, “America the Beautiful” featured visuals of people of different ethnic or racial background all drinking a coke living their daily lifestyles while enjoying a Coca Cola. The music featured children singing the well-known national song, “America The Beautiful”, not only in English but in seven other languages. Xenophobic comments and a boycott against Coca Cola caused the controversy, but this advertisement was met…show more content…
The commercial used a very patriotic, recognizable song, America the Beautiful. The lyrics of this song is about the landscapes and the freedom for all to be who they are. The tempo, rhythm, and beat synced up to each scene. The song is beautifully sung by young children and adults and sung in seven different languages. These seven languages-English, Spanish, Keres, Tagalog, Hindi, Senegalese French and Hebrew- were examples of Americans who have different languages and backgrounds. The singers are representations of what an American is. Coke reveals that being American is not about speaking English, but it rather shows that this “melting-pot” nation is also includes multilingualism. Multi-lingual people talk to each other in Tagalog or Hindi, but they share that same American value of family dinners and quality bonding time. Despite the cultural difference, they all come together as Americans and all share their moments with

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