Racism In Advertising Essay

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Racism is a repulsive issue that is becoming more and more evident to the people living in America. It is not something that is taken lightly in society today, and it can be extremely offensive to many. Even though everyone reacts differently to it, it is important for all people to make an honest effort to respect others regardless of their racial and ethnic backgrounds. People must change their stereotypical thoughts about others and help decrease or end racism by addressing any issues in which racism is concerned. Results in response to different approaches to confront the situation have occurred, but it still remains very real within our world today. Although some changes have been seen, racism in advertising is still tremendously evident due to very weak, offensive comical attempts, the unawareness of advertisers, and the depiction of society’s ideal person.

Racism in advertising
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Most of the time, when an advertisement is made to be racist on purpose, it is done so for the sake of humor. However, to the people that are affected by racial discrimination, it remains incredibly hard to view these advertisements in a humorous way. A source from says, “The idea that racism in advertising can be of good may be laughable. However, there’s a major difference between the multicultural marketing practices of the 1920s and today’s racial stereotyping in advertising” ( This is basically saying that although today’s advertisers believe that we still live in a culture in which advertisements like these are actually acceptable and humorous, they need to realize that we do not and that these advertisements are not only unamusing, but they are extremely insulting as well. The effects of racism are often one
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