The Three Major Issues in the Advertising Campaign for Coca Cola Classic

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The Three Major Issues in the Advertising Campaign for Coca Cola Classic The three major issues in this advertising campaign for Coca-Cola Classic are to increase the number of people who drink Coca-Cola Classic, make our advertising more creative, and to ultimately beat our competitors. Our target market can be explained in just one word, everyone. Since Coca-Cola Classic had been around for many years everyone has heard of it. It does not matter what age, race, religion or what kind of financial status you have. The main thing that we need to do, is to take back all of the people that our competitors have taken away from us over the years. Though we do have great customer loyalty we want to increase the numbers. What’s wrong with being the ultimate best? Nothing and that is exactly what we are going to accomplish with this campaign. For our advertising I want to make several different advertisements using all of the media that is available. I want to have fun and exciting advertisements for our youngest audience, with lots of colors and maybe even a popular child cartoon character like Sponge Bob Square Pants for example. For our young adults I want to have advertisements that promote drinking Coca-Cola Classic instead of alcohol. I want to show a television commercial showing kids having a party and instead of drinking beer or liquor they are drinking Coca-Cola Classic, and still having a good time. Now, for our older audience I want to back them back to how we use advertise. Since they have been with us and watched our company grow for so many years I want our advertising to them to be more sentimental and recreate some of the advertisements that we use to use. Seeing things that you remember from the past, like a great Coca-Cola Classic advertisement, brings a good and warm feeling to a lot of individuals. I would also like to send out notices for direct mail to everyone just reminding them how good Coca-Cola Classic is and encourage them to rush out and go get one. Situation Analysis John Stith Pemberton (1831-1888) the inventor of Coca-Cola was a druggist. At the age of fifty he decided that he wanted to become part of scientific history, and he wanted to make a fortune. He wanted to invent the perfect medicine and develop a drink so that he could mix both of them. He had learned about the coca plant and how the natives of Peru and Bolivia... ... middle of paper ... ...e are many objectives that I want to accomplish. Get customers attention, hold their attention, introduce them to our new slogan, and tell everyone why coke is better. Since we will have a new slogan I want our public relations person to send out mailing notices to our carriers letting them know. This way we can have new signs put up. I also want to have coupon at the front when they buy a coke they will get $.50 off of their drink. I only want the coupon to be valid for a week. Evaluation I want our carriers to let us know how many coupons’ they redeemed when their customers purchased a Coca-Cola. I also want a stocking report from them to see if sales increase or stay about the same. I think that if we mail out surveys also to random houses asking when the last time they bought a Coca-Cola was and how they like our new approach. With this we will send them a free pen and pad once it is returned to us, as a thank you to them. I am very confident in this advertising campaign, but this is your company and if there is something that you do not like or something that you think should be added please let me know. I look forward to doing business with Coca-Cola Classic Company.

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