Christian Media 's Influence On The Media

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There are many institutions of technology that have influenced Christians to support or oppose the media as a whole. Even to this day, there are differing opinions of how Christians should approach media. Some say that we should avoid it all together, and some say that we need to be fully involved with the media. It ultimately comes down to one’s world view and their approach to being the light of the world that Christians are supposed to be.
One of the most negative views of media in Christian society is the view of the Separatists. They are part of the Christ against Culture Niebuhr group. This group of people completely reject technology and media’s messages. This was a much more conceivable task back before technology was so integrated into society as it is in modern times. However, there are still some groups that do completely live without technology and the media. Many sects of the Amish people live their lives without any interaction with media. They obviously cannot avoid “technology” by definition. Even the carts that are pulled by horses are technically technology. They do however, live without influence from the media. This approach claims that the less contact you have from worldly sources, the less likely you are to fall into temptation and sin. Mallard says it well in Shaping a Christian Worldview (2002) when he states, “Many Christians believe that ‘good’ literature must be orthodox literature, that anything work reading must be the product of a Christian worldview.” (P. 268) Separatists think that simply because there are worldly influences at work in the media, they should be avoided altogether. It makes more sense then you compare it to Bible passages such as Colossians 3:2-3, “Set your minds on things that ar...

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.... Just like not everyone is called to foreign missions, not everyone is called to be fully involved in media. However, I agree with what Bob Briner says in his book that every Christian can do their part by supporting good wholesome content and avoiding unwholesome content. You can go see movies or watch television shows that are good entertainment or have fellow Christians in the production process. It also helps to not give your business to the people and programs that are simply in the business of producing unhealthy immoral material.
When everything is said and done, I support people who are trying to get involved with media today, not the people avoiding it. Even though both Separatists and Collaborationists both have their upsides and downsides, I believe that nothing will change unless talented Christians get involved and try to redeem what has been tainted.

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