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  • Preexistence of Christ

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    Preexistence of Christ Advanced Information The preincarnate existence of Christ may be "only a simple, contemplative inference backwards from the spiritual glory of the present Christ" (Deissmann); certainly its clearest expression is found in later writing reflecting upon the rudimentary messianic, even adoptionist, assessment of Christ in the primitive Christian community (Acts 2:22 - 23; 10:38). Yet preexistence is at least implied in words of Jesus himself: "The son of man came"; the owner of

  • Death Of Christ

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    The Death of Christ EXAMINATION I chose to look into Jesus death and the people who were involved in it. The first group of people who got hold of Jesus was the Roman soldiers. They were probably the most innocent in the whole thing. Granted they did perform the actual act of crucifying Christ, but it was because of the order that Pilate gave them. As I looked into crucifixion and how it started I found that before Jesus was crucified, more than 30,000 men, in Israel alone, had already been

  • My Personal Walk With Christ: My Relationship With Christ

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    since Saturday has shifted from the teaching aspect, to now the Word of God in my life as a teacher. Since Saturday’s activity, I have realized just how important my relationship with Christ is if I am to be an effective teacher. I can know and implement all the best teaching techniques, but if my personal walk with Christ is not where it needs to be, then my teaching will not be all that it can and should be. By doing various activities on

  • last words of Christ

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    about forgiveness straight from Jesus. So the thief says this man is innocent. He defends Jesus, while no one else does! He knows he’s close to death…so he asks Jesus remember me when you come to your kingdom…he turns to Jesus for forgiveness, and Christ accepted him—today you will be wi...

  • The Failed Christ and His Re-Birth; Christ Figures in The Sound and The Fury

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    highlight the negatice aspects of Christ, and them contrasting them with the glory and holiness of the resurrection. In “The Sound and The Fury”, each one of the narrative characters represents a single aspect of a flawed Christ, while a simple the family caretaker, represents the glory and goodness of the resurrection and Christ’s light. The reader encounters the first “Flawed Christ” in the form of Benji Compson, formerly Maury, who is widely held to be Christ the loving. Faulkner makes it explicitly

  • Resurrection Of Christ Research Paper

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    The indisputable historical fact of the resurrection of Jesus Christ has been a subject of debate in the academic field in every generation. For Orthodox Christians, this is an indisputable absolute truth, but for the skeptics it is a historical fact impossible to prove. The Bible describes Jesus with immeasurable words that attribute a level of divinity, superiority, and deity such as: Worthy, Immanuel, Light of the World, God with us, the Risen One, the Master, King of kings, Prince of Peace, the

  • Pietro DiDonato’s Christ in Concrete

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    Pietro DiDonato’s Christ in Concrete Pietro DiDonato’s Christ in Concrete is a powerful narrative of the struggles and culture of New York’s Italian immigrant laborers in the early twentieth century. Jerre Mangione and Ben Morreale, in their historical work La Storia, state that "Never before or since has the aggravation of the Italian immigrant been more bluntly expressed by a novelist" (368). A central component of this "aggravation", both for DiDonato as an author and for his protagonist

  • Teaching of Jesus Christ on Forgiveness

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    serious issues like murder. The substance of forgiveness is known to be an important thing and concept in the teaching of Jesus. In the Bible, Jesus has made it clear that unforgiveness is known to be a serious sin nurtured in the heart. As per Jesus Christ, it is said that the person needs to be forgiven even if a serious problem is caused due to him. If not, even we would not be forgiven from God. As per Jesus, if you forgive the sin done by the people, your heavenly will also forgive you if you have

  • Why Jesus Christ Is To Me

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    “Who is Jesus Christ to you?” When first presented with this particular writing prompt, I quickly dismissed it as being “easy” to write. However, as I brainstormed the meaning of this question, I realized that writing this essay would be more difficult than I originally thought. I wondered how I could possibly illustrate the extent of who Jesus Christ is to me in a single personal essay. I then realized that as hard as I try to put everything Jesus Christ is to me into words, I would never be able

  • Comparing Billy Budd and Christ

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    Comparing Billy and Christ in Billy Budd Herman Melville's Billy Budd provides us with a summation and conclusive commentary on the ambiguities of moral righteousness and social necessity. The conflict that arises pitting natural justice in opposition to military justice essentially deliberates over whether the sacrifice of the individual is required for the continuum and conservation of social order. The deep allegorical theme of the passion of Christ that resides in Billy Budd illustrates

  • The Impeccability of Jesus Christ

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    The Impeccability of Jesus Christ The New Testament authors had no qualms about declaring that Jesus was truly human and telling us that Jesus committed no sin. Bible passages such as 2 Corinthians 5:21, Hebrews 4:15, 1 Peter 2:22 and 1 John 3:5 “witness that He [Jesus] did not give in to temptation, nor violate the moral standards of God, nor was He inconsistent with the nature of his character.” That is, Jesus was sinless. It is vital to our theology that Jesus was sinless. For only if Jesus

  • Reflection Paper On Abiding In Christ

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    ”Abiding in Christ” is a beautiful book that concentrates on breaking down the words spoken from John in chapter fifteen. Throughout chapter fifteen there are three main points to be considered. The vines and the branches, Jesus’s love, and the hate that he knew was coming. “Abiding in Christ” gives us Christians what they need, showing us how to abide in Christ (John 15:1-8) and abide in Christ’s love (John 15:9-25). This book does both jobs and wraps it up with a clear conclusion. Firstly, abiding

  • Christ And The Cross Is A False Dichotomy

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    Christ and the Cross is a false dichotomy that exists in the church today. Many Church leaders today are saying that the Cross is not necessary. They tend to separate the two, but Christians without the Cross is like Christianity without Christ. Which means, there can be no Christianity without the Cross and the Christ of the Cross. Many of them are saying that the Cross should not even been emphasize; that the Cross is a form of idolatry; that the Cross is an inconceivable child abuse; and some

  • Galahad as a Christ Figure

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    Galahad as a Christ Figure Very few people can call themselves a Christ figure. There are so many elements that go into being a Christ figure. Galahad had all those elements. He was enraptured, he saw 'the wonders of the Holy Grail', and he had disciples. Also, he made life better for human beings by sacrificing himself for others, he preformed miracles, and he heard holy voices and saw holy visions. Because of all that he did Galahad was a proven Christ figure of his time. Galahad would

  • Superman vs. Christ

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    lives and yet lived a humble life. As one watches the movie, though, he might notice the many similarities between the plot of the movie and the story of Christ’s coming. Superman, savior of the city Metropolis, mirrors the Savior of the world, Jesus Christ. Throughout the movie Superman, the names and the actions of the characters were similar to those of the Holy Bible. Two of the major name references to the biblical version deal with Superman (Kah-lel) and his father, Jor-el. In the Greek language

  • Passion of the Christ

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    The Passion of the Christ is one of many films about the life of Jesus but this particular one is different to the others. Released in 2004, directed by Mel Gibson and filmed in the ancient Aramaic language, `The Passion' focuses mainly on the death of Christ and shows us the full extent as to what he suffered to save mankind. Before seeing The Passion of the Christ I hadn't heard much about it except that it was very violent and politically incorrect. In fact I hadn't seen or heard a review that

  • The Christ–like Prospero of Shakespeare’s The Tempest

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    The Christ–like Prospero of Shakespeare’s The Tempest It is not only the goodness of man which, according to traditional Christian concepts ,is not germane to himself. His very being, and his ultimate destiny stems alike from a principle that is infinitely beyond him (Morris 143). What was Prospero attempting to accomplish through the creation of the storm? Why would he go to that length of natural disaster, if the events would only end in an unharmed manner? Prospero. But are they,

  • George W. Bush as the Anti-Christ

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    George W. Bush as the Anti-Christ To really grasp the significance of the symbol of the anti-Christ we must first posit politics as itself symbolic. Politics is the semiotics of a nation's will: it becomes the People just as the People become it by being elected into office and participating in the political process, or in dictatorships, by following the rules and not forming underground movements. But in a democracy, it is an especially tight symbolic relationship, thus the clear relationship

  • Essay on Gregor as Christ in Kafka's Metamorphosis

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    Gregor as Christ in Kafka's Metamorphosis In his "Metamorphosis", Kafka utilizes an allegorical technique to compare Gregor's sacrifices to those of Jesus in the Bible. Ultimately, both Gregor and Jesus sacrifice their lives so that they can help their loved ones, despite betrayal.  Kafka uses this biblical allegory to illustrate Gregor's Christ-like actions. In the Bible, God, sacrifices his only son, a respectable, revered "heavenly" figure, allowing Jesus to live amongst sinful people

  • Christ of the Holy Bible and Dionysus of Euripides

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    Christ of the Holy Bible and Dionysus of Euripides Christ resembles Dionysus in many ways. Is it possible that Christ is simply an extension of the Dionysian myth? Though the concepts of wine and faith unite the two, the idea of revenge compared to self-sacrifice separates the two deities. Dionysus fits the Greek understanding of vengeful and selfish God that bear more anthropomorphic traits than Godly traits. Christ, however, transcends human desires for revenge and acts in self-sacrifice