Child Abuse Essay

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Child abuse over is happening all around the world to many young children. Many of the victims tend to keep the abuse silent because of the fear that the situation at home could only get worst. Persons from the community sometimes have an idea that something is wrong in a particular household and refuses to speak out to the authorities because the situation is not affecting them directly. Child abuse has enduring consequences that may continue to haunt the victim long after the abuse. The effects of child abuse can manifest in childhood, adolescence, or adulthood and may affect an individual’s development in many forms including physical, cognitive, psychological and behavioral aspects (Briere, 1992). People who have been affected by child abuse could suffer from effects such as a low self-esteem which could be displayed in the decisions they make in simple very day life. Child abuse victims can also suffer from effects such as physical injuries, attention disorder. Victims who have been abused tend to have difficulty maintaining a long term relationship with other individuals. They also display extremely violent and aggressive behaviors and attitudes which could lead to death. The effects of child abuse among individuals have been studied to see how child abuse would have affected their lifestyle. These people who were studied did not come from the middle or high class life style. Person for the prison environment and mental health patient behavior patterns was considered because such characteristics could come from child abuse. These persons exhibit serious behavior patterns which could be an effect of child abuse. (e.g. poverty, parental substance abuse, and domestic violence).Notably, the nature and extent of ch... ... middle of paper ... ...of negative effects on victims can be influenced by the availability of support from parents, relatives, professionals and can therefore play a critical role in prevention and/or early intervention to remedy potential problems (Briere, 1992)”. Studies have documented the connection between abuse and a range of physical, emotional mental and behavioral problems. Child abuse comes with tragic consequences and the society also pays a high monetary cost. The cost for child abuse includes both direct costs (those associated with the immediate needs of the abused child) and indirect costs (those associated with the long term and secondary effects). Importantly, since some forms of child abuse goes unrecognized, and it is difficult to determine how much abuse has taken place and, it is therefore not possible to determine the actual cost of child abuse. (Briere, 1992).

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