Susanne Babbel's Article: The Lingering Trauma Of Child Abuse

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Child abuse is a crime that is increasing in America each day that has lifelong effects on young children, and people are not fully aware of this issue. Child abuse can affect a child's ability to function in adulthood.
There are several diverse types of child abuse for instance, child neglect, physical abuse, and sexual abuse. Each type of child abuse is different, in which they each has different meanings.
The first type of abuse is child neglect. There are several types of child neglect for instance emotional neglect, which is when a person ignores, humiliates or intimidates a child. Another type of neglect is physical neglect, which happens when a person does not feed, or care for a child enough to keep them away from danger. When a person
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For instance, a child who has been physically abused can grow up feeling as if physically abusing someone is the answer to everything that has happened in their life. Often, children who have been physically abused become addicted to alcohol because they feel that alcohol washes that abusive moment. A majority of physically abused children develop PTSD, which can later cause worse symptoms as adults. PTSD is caused when a child does not get the proper help they need after being abused. According to Susanne Babbel’s article “The Lingering Trauma of Child Abuse”, “For children that have suffered from abuse, it can be complex getting to the root of childhood trauma to alleviate later symptoms as adults”. Physical abuse can lead to sexual abuse in most cases. In several sexual abuse cases, children are physically abused to allow the abuser to sexually abuse the…show more content…
Children victims of any type of abuse neglect, physical, or sexual abuse need support by being removed from the negative environment. Often, abused children are sent to foster homes.
However, foster homes are not always the best solution for abused children. People will argue that children put in foster homes will not develop symptoms later in life. According to Susanne Babbel’s article “The Lingering Trauma of Child Abuse”, “It’s easy to imagine that foster care and group home situations, while they may ease the incidence of abuse in a child's life, can lead to further types of alienation and trauma”. People do not realize that abuse can happen in foster homes too, which can cause the child to later develop more issues as an

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