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Every individual breathing in this world is generally assumed and anticipated to experience a childhood filled with joy, laughter, and smiles. However, pain, tears, and silence are the memoirs of some children due to child abuse. Child abuse is an issue that has become an epidemic, developing into children’s most unwelcomed nightmares that haunts them on a daily basis. Child victims of abuse can consider the cruel acts being done to them as their preeminent complication of their lives causing them to become unstable. These children tend to lose control over their own lives, bodies, and minds creating catastrophic obstacles to build up in their lives and causing themselves to become weakened and vulnerable due to being confronted by fear that they cannot endure. The many lives of abused children are misguided as they mature because the events that they encounter during their early childhood years influence the construction of their future and behaviors. Child abuse is the barbarous act of maltreatment directed towards children that includes physical abuse, emotional abuse, and sexual molestation which all serve as elements towards leading to the destruction of their lives. Physical abuse is defined as a purposely intended act of atrociously causing physical harm to a child. This type of offense is generally inflicted by a parent or guardian who is accountable for providing for a child’s welfare. Influential components that may contribute to the acts of physical abuse done by the supervisor includes his or her immature behavior, lack of parenting abilities, possible association with crisis, personal experience of a tragic childhood, or addiction to drugs. Furthermore, physical abuse may result from parental discipline which can cau... ... middle of paper ... ways which can last for a lifetime. Effects of child abuse such as psychological and physical issues may become permanently harmful to a child’s body increasing the amount of suffering that the child has to endure. Poor communication abilities and the lack of trust of a sexually abused child prevents him or her from maintaining healthy social relationships and limits the child’s potential to thrive. Abuse in children must be ceased to ensure delightful childhoods for many young individuals who will represent our future. With support, these children can be obstructed from becoming criminals who may imperil our future and instead be guided positively which can cause our future to grow with prosperity. People can help minimize the numbers of daily occurrences of child abuse in this world by paying attention and taking action to save the lives of many young children.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that child abuse has become an epidemic, developing into children's most unwelcomed nightmares that haunt them on a daily basis. the many lives of abused children are misguided as they mature.
  • Defines physical abuse as a purposely intended act of atrociously causing physical harm to the child. influential components include immature behavior, lack of parenting abilities, and addiction to drugs.
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