Long and Short Term Consequences of Child Abuse and the Diferent Treatments that Come with the Traumas

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This paper addresses the long term and short term consequences of child abuse and the different treatments to work with traumas that come along this action. Different approaches to work with child abuse and the effectiveness of treatment with children are discussed. The definition of child maltreatment, its causes, and factors are also detailed. Introduction The definition of child abuse is an act, or failure to act, on the parent’s part that could result on emotional or physical harm, or even death. There are laws to prevent children from being harm, however not always this laws prevent this kind of abuse. Physical abuse is one the most common child abuse, and it is detected by physical injury to the child and physical aggression like; kicking, punching, burning and biting. Sometimes this kind of behavior is shielded by the same system that implant the law for the protection of children, there are flaws in this law that is not entirely complete to protect the children from abuse. The Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act, became law, in order to identify child abuse and to protect abused children. The first step in this kind of situation is to identify if in fact there is child abuse, once counselors or therapist, identify the abuse, intervention has to be done. It is important to understand that before reporting any situation of child abuse, it is require to find actual harm. Investigating child abuse, determining if the report of abuse is substantiated, and if it is protecting the abused child from further harm are some of the important task when this kind of situation arise. The state’s child protective services agency will investigate and if the parent or guardian is suspected of causing any type of har... ... middle of paper ... ...nseling sessions is very important, because the wisdom of God can guide counselors to be more effective and accurate in helping clients who has been damage or abused. There are issues that can only be treated with spiritual integration, with this in mind, counselors can prevent many situations that with conventional counseling cannot be prevent. Spiritual guidance had been proved to work on circumstances where other forms of therapy do not work, that’s why the presence of God must be present in counseling sessions, in order to do God’s will and be effective with all the situations that day to day are present in our society. Conclusion This paper has provided a complete overview of the barriers that counselors could find when working with abuse children. The paper had the purpose to identify different approaches to prevent child abuse from happening.

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