The Various Effects Of Child Abuse

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There are various effects of child abuse and these can have a huge impact on the development of a child. There are some effects of child abuse that are visible such as when the child has been physically abused. Many times, though, the effects of abuse are not seen on the child but still influence the child’s development. Some of these effects are in their social skills. There is much research that indicates that child abuse has a significant effect on the social development of the child. Children who have been abused tend to have difficulties forming relationships with others as well as maintaining them. In the website, Healthy Place: America’s Mental Health Channel, Samantha Gluck defines child abuse and focuses on the various longtime effects…show more content…
The information in the website is simply based on facts and not on opinions or propaganda. Gluck states various effects of child physical abuse in the website and does not give any opinions of what she believes are the effects (“Effects of Child Physical Abuse”). On the website, there is a link that takes one to the reference page where one can find all the sources used. The reference page is divided into paragraphs and one can see where the author obtained the information for each of her paragraphs. Given that the website is based on factual information and its purpose is to inform, there is no particular bias. The website simply wants to inform the reader that child physical abuse has many effects and not just physical ones. There are no particular words or phrases that play to one’s emotions given that the information is purely informative. Although the website is a commercial one, there is not any information within the article that persuades one to buy a particular product. There are advertisements on the website but they are related to joining their campaign against stigma on the mentally ill. One can determine that there is a particular bias on the website given that it is commercial but upon further reading, one can determine that it is simply informative and want one to join their campaign (Gluck, “Effects of Child Physical

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