Challenges Of Nursing In Nursing

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Nursing students must surpass most of the key challenges that they may encounter in able to be successful nurses. Nurses should possess qualities related to caring because being efficient and good in theoretical studies may not be enough. Like others might say, a nurse should be passionate and should not only think of it as a profession. Caring can never be taught in any universities because it should be innate to oneself. To be a registered nurse in Australia, I have to entirely complete a 1 year university degree program. Upon finishing the course, majority of the newly graduate nurse apply in a healthcare facility wherein there is a period of time in which a nurse who is starting in a new job is tested to see if that person is able to do the job properly. Distinctive challenges might come up from the time of job searching to job interview till the time they will be hired to any workplace…show more content…
Being a public nurse in the Philippines means you should be resourceful and creative because healthcare is the least priority. Because of that, a smaller budget is being allotted for the millions of poor Filipinos. The medical supplies and hospital equipment are scarce. Sometimes we exceed to the maximum bed capacity in order to cater the patients who have no money to seek private healthcare. Because of limitless patients coming in and out of the hospitals, hospital equipment are easily damage and no alternative machines are being given in replace of the defective ones. Conversely, here in Australia it is the other way around. The advanced intricacy of digital clinical technologies is combined with progressively number of operation, specifically at the software/nurse interface. Most of the younger nurses have noticeably presented exposure to computers and a selection of software, which is always missing for the older nurses (Gough, Ballardie, & Brewer,
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