Essay On Becoming A Registered Nurse

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Nursing is one of the onerous and highly demanded professions in the U.S. as they work to promote good health and prevent illnesses. Registered nurses (RNs) inform patients and the public about various medical conditions; treat patients and help in their rehabilitation; and provide guidance as well as emotional support to patients' families. RNs use substantial judgement in providing a wide variety of services in our society. As other future nurses, my main source of inspiration to become a nurse comes from an intrinsic desire to help other people and care for them in times of need. I am also a person who thrives being challenged, so nursing suits me as few other careers that offer as much diversity and learning opportunities. Registered Nurses…show more content…
Many nurses’ duties have to perform physical exams and diagnostic tests, collect patient health histories, counsel patients and their families, educate patients about treatment plans, administer medications or wound care, and other treatment options, interpret patient information and making decisions about necessary actions , direct and supervise the care of other healthcare professionals. Registered nurses typically work within healthcare facilities. However, some registered nurses work in schools, community centers, offices, and the homes of their patients. Some registered nurses remarkably as travel nurses, travel to areas where registered nurses are in short supply. These locations may be within the United States or abroad. According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics an occupational handbook, states that the median annual wage for registered nurses was $68,450 per year and an hourly of $32.91 in May 2016 (2017). As nurses gain more experience, registered nurses can anticipate to earn a median salary of $74,914. In the newspaper Modern Medicine, 2017, Aurelio Locsin, asserts that “registered nurses typically receive the same benefits as all medical professionals under the same employers. Insurance is the most common, with coverage for medical, dental and vision. Retirement savings are available primarily through 401(k) and 403(b) plans, with some establishments offering pension plans. Vacation, paid
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