Reflection Of Professionalism In Nursing

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While on the unit I made sure to use my time wisely, I completed my assessment in a timely manner, advocated for pain medication, checked on fellow nursing students, and kept patient’s rooms organized and clean. Professionalism was also exhibited in my clean outfit, with my hair back, name badge on, nails cut, and appropriate footwear and clinical tools on hand. Junior Year During junior year, my thinking on what being a professional was expanded greatly. I was still dressing according to code, coming in on time and making sure to show respect, but I really broadened what I viewed as being a professional. While I did not look up professional practices of the hospital during my time on the unit, I did ask the staff and faculty their policies which govern their interventions. During my time, I found out about the MEWS score, and how this is used to determine the severity of a patient’s condition, and if the need for intervention exists. I also found out about flushing a hep-loc, and really provided privacy to patients. I did have a HIV positive patient, but it was undetermined if the family with this person knew, so any mention of the disease was done out of hearing range. Professionalism took on a whole new meaning during this semester in that dressing and …show more content…

She also had ovarian cancer, was on heparin, and was waiting for surgery to be scheduled. I displayed professionalism by not sharing personal patient information with anyone outside of her health care team. This patient was a nurse in her previous career, ands he was very educated on her disease process. I did take notes during my time with her, but all notes I wrote I shredded before leaving the floor for the day. There was also respect for my patient shown on my part by giving her rest time when she stated she was

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