Celebrities As Role Models Essay

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Celebrities as Role Models Many believe that celebrities have a negative impact on society and teens, where they are seen as role models. Role models are celebrities, such as athletes, singers, actors, or can even be teens parents. Celebrities are a huge part of how society is seen and what is put on social media 24/7, and although some teens believe that celebrities make good role models by influencing charity work, the bad behavior that celebrities exhibit outweighs the positive. Celebrities do not make good role models due to bad, inappropriate, or illegal behavior. On the other hand, celebrities also should not be expected to act a certain way just so that they can teach kids how to act and have the responsibility to act like parents. A good reputation is important, but not when it changes a person from whom they actually are. Because of this, celebrities should be looked down upon, not up. Celebrities are normal human beings that can sometimes come off a little rude or inappropriate, or can even make life changing choices such as breaking the law. Celebrities mistakes...
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