Entertainment that Shape American Culture

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Reading and writing. Painting and drawing. Dancing and singing. Just a few of the many forms of entertainment that shape American culture. Many people seek various outlets in their leisure time, both active and passive; and whether it be sports, TV, music, etc. most can agree that entertainment is a fundamental aspect of today’s society. Although its influence is undeniable, some people (like those that Neal Gabler writes about in his book Life the Movie: How Entertainment Conquered Reality) may argue that this is bad for our society, only leading to corruption. While history can support Gabler’s idea that entertainment has the potential to negatively affect our morals and social order, it has also been beneficial to our society and can be used in constructive ways. Whether entertainment is good or bad is dependent on the person and how they chose to utilize what is around them. When people think of entertainment, media influence often comes to mind. Reality TV stars and celebrities alike have been placed in limelight acting as role models to not only the youth, but society as a whole. This is an example of the negative influences that entertainment can have as it leads people to hold unrealistic standards and expectations for themselves and others. Some may feel that the entertainment industry makes glamourizes immoral behaviors, making them look fun and harmless. The focus on fitting in and on appearance in the entertainment business have heavily impacted the way our society is today, by promoting the need to be a certain way, both in physical physique and behavior. In fact, people who are considered more attractive, or that fit the molds commonly shown to us, have an easier time obtaining jobs and have access to a broader s... ... middle of paper ... ...nize that entertainment in a fundamental part of American culture that allows for the diversity that makes our society unique and functional. If we were to rid the world of these influences, who is to say that that would have a positive effect or be any better for our country than what we are exposed to now? One must realize that entertainment has been around since the dawn of man. Whether it be gladiators fighting in arenas that drew large crowds, or sitting in front of TV like commonly done now, it is a large part of our society. To disregard any benefits it can have would be a waste of potential to expand and be open to other ideas. If there was no demand for the influences portrayed to us, they would not exist. What keeps the entertainment business going is its success, for society sees it as not just a form of inevitable ruin, but a form of impending growth.

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