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Stains As celebrities stand distinctively among the masses and cast out their halos of personality charm and strong suits of skilled abilities, the controversies about them are unavoidable shadows created from their fame. With the popularization of celebrity culture, information synchronization, and communication technology, their lives are publicly exposed and various forms of media (depending on eras) record their flaws. Tough information transmitted to audiences are frequently biased, evidences of objective reality remains, even in the remote past. Different from temporary public opinions that often fall into bidirectional extremes, citizens of the United States of America seems to come to a general agreement speaking of the founding fathers …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that the upper ohio river valley was an increasing source of friction between french and british imperial ambitions in the time.
  • Analyzes how tanacharison, a private in george washington's virginia regiment in 1754, was responsible for the murder of jumonville.
  • Analyzes how the controversies about celebrities are unavoidable shadows created from their fame.
  • Analyzes how george washington, who acquired slaves from family estates, used a subtle strategy to protect his properties without encountering public censures or investigations.

In his statement, he claimed that after the capture of Jumonville, “sometime after the Indians came up the half king [Tanacharison] took his Tomahawk and split the head the head of the French Captain [Jumonville] having asked if he was an Englishman and having been told he was a French man. He then took out his brains and washed his hands with them and then scalped him.” With brutally vivid details, however, the statement Washington signed after being captured at Fort Necessity in the Great Meadows, tells a different story. Just over a month after the Jumonville skirmish, another French trooped accompanied with their Native American allies overwhelmed Washington’s position and forced Washington to surrender. Since the troop was led by Jumonville’s half-brother, during the negotiations, he had Washington signed a French statement (A language that Washington was not capable of) admitting assassination of Jumonville. Tough the document was more likely compelled on Washington and the authenticity in the statement is questionable, nevertheless, it is certain that all the aftermath created by Jumonville’s death was caused by Washington’s lack of discipline on his subordinates or considerations for the overall war

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