Celebrity Impact On Society Essay

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Since the late 1800s and the rise of modern communication and mass media celebrities have had a profound impact on American society. The impact of celebrities on our culture and society can be both positive and negative. It is important to look at the roots from which we as a society have become so enthralled with the lives of the “celebrities” that the media has created and perpetuated. The media once they realized America’s love affair with celebrity enabled them to be influenced to buy anything from products, ideas or even to push their own personal agendas.
As a society we have continually looked to public figures as a means of self-definition. Some of the earliest figures were war heroes and politicians such as Abraham Lincoln. By the
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We live in a world of information and much of it is about specific people. Almost anything one wants to know about a celebrity can easily be accessed by a few keystrokes and clicks of a mouse. There are reality television shows, movies, magazines, internet blogs and social media devoted to exactly this subject. For example, we know all about Lindsay Lohan’s and Brittany Spears’ public meltdowns, Jennifer Anniston’s history of short lived relationships, Chris Brown’s history of domestic violence, Whitney
Houston’s constant battle with drug addiction which eventually resulted in her death. In spite of all the public meltdowns, violent behaviors, drug addictions, and bad relationships millions of young Americans view celebrities as having “the good life”. [Why are you listing so many?]
This leads to many young Americans as having a false idea that all you have to do is act sexy, demand privileges and party and you too can find happiness like these celebrities. In Psychology
Today, writer Carlin Flora suggests that our fascination with celebrity is a cultural
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[You talk about music videos. This would be a very good time to introduce a 2nd media clip as an example.]
Social comparison has been around for as long as humans have been but now a lot of people feel they aren’t successful unless they are able to drive the cars that celebrities drive, wear the
Beebe 4 designer clothes that celebrities wear or living in the multi-million dollar mansions they’re living in in exotic locations around the globe. Television shows such as “The Fabulous Life of in which they examine the life of a certain celebrity for each episode only further these ideas. I mean who wouldn’t want to sail the ocean in a 200-million-dollar yacht while surrounded by dozens of your affluent friends while sipping on ten thousand dollars a bottle champagne like
Beyonce and Jay Z? I know I for sure wouldn’t mind it. The more unobtainable the lifestyle is portrayed on shows such as this the more enamored with the celebrity we tend to become.
Celebrities can have a tremendous positive impact in influencing human behavior. If social media and data are used the right way, in conjunction with a celebrity’s brand, this can be a forceful combination to actually drive positive outcomes in health – and still deliver
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