Celebrities Influence on Society

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The topic that my group and myself covered was over popular icons and their influence in our society. Celebrities I found hold tremendous power and influence as to how people admire them. Our society is celebrity focused and holds them on a pedestal as if they are idols. I learned that mainly celebrity icons serve as tools of worship for society. Our group looked at the topics of influence of celebrities on the consumer culture.
I learned that celebrities bring light to brands and products. Majority of individuals base their decisions on buying products if someone famous is using it, since they strive to be like them. An example would be Beyoncé having a mega deal with Pepsi. She endorses Pepsi with her image and consumers find they want Pepsi cause they see her affiliated with it. I found that celebrity influence on consumers could go both ways either good or bad. People find connections with brands through celebrity image. This helps in brands selling products by appealing to consumer’s emotions. Celebrity face also increases the awareness of the brand as well.
Another topic I learned about was celebrity’s influence on social behavior. Some celebrities have impacted society and effect how people conduct themselves. I learned that celebrities that get major coverage via social media often affect the community that follows them. Such as a celebrity being seen wearing a certain brand, this influences others to follow suit. Also if a celebrity says that some particular matter is bad and they don’t support it, some individuals change their thinking and think the same way as the celebrity.
Another topic I learned about was the stress that celebrities experience. Celebrities are constantly being watched all the time and people j...

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... I feel that this assignment has taught me more about celebrities and their influence that I wasn’t previously aware of. Celebrity icons to me serve as an internal or external reality for individuals, appealing mainly to our emotions. Society feels like it needs celebrities so they can have an expectation to live up to. Society I think is simply obsessed with celebrities and will continue to hold them at high value. I use celebrities as examples because they act as good reflections for us as a society I feel. Such as when CNN anchor Larry King had a heart attack and he told his audience how it enabled him to stop smoking, this can be inspiration for someone else. Also when the actress Teri Hatcher told that her uncle sexually abused her, this enables those who went through the same situation to be able to talk about it as well since they see someone high up do it.
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