Case Study Of International Human Resource Management

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In an increasingly globalized world economy, the aggravation of global competition, the most important factor of national competitiveness are highly qualified and motivated employees (Storey 2007). Gubman (1996) pointed out the three challenges for the organizations that will never change: first, the major mission of human resources is to gain, develop, retain talent; second, adjust the workforces with the business; lastly, a superlative contributor to the business. Moreover, human resource management is characterized by the fact that the staff seen as an important strategic resource for the organization, which requires investment, modernization, planning, staffing, training, etc. This paper will introduce an overall review of the International Human Resource Management (IHRM) theories and studies. The analyzed concepts and approaches will be applied to the case study about Yarden Mex chain of Mexican Grill Restaurants and its Subsidiaries. The paper will include definitions of Global Talent Management (GTM) and Global Diversity Management (GDM). In
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Communication and decision-making processes (including models and methods). Basic control functions (strategic planning and implementation of strategies to build the organization, motivation, monitoring, and coordination). Group dynamics and leadership. The effectiveness of the company's activity (personnel management, production, marketing, performance management as a whole). Moving employees from it's operational and strategic role in international organizations, development and use of competitive advantages of the company in various countries and appropriate use of economic, social, demographic, cultural, etc., of these countries, is the main role in the research and practice of international human resource
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