Human Resource Management Case Study

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Human resource management (HRM) processes are crucial to the success of an acute care hospital facility. In this paper, I will give insight on how HRM processes have to align with the organizations goals and objectives in order to operate successfully. Hiring, training and benefits are a few of the major roles that human resources control in an organization. Therefore, it is important that human resource managers are abreast of all current policies and procedures. Examine a significant way that the Joint Commission has influenced the basic functions of HRM and predict the likely impact of the policies and procedures at the your acute hospital. Provide support for your rationale. The Joint Commission is an accreditation organization that ensures that patients receive safe and quality care is any health care institution. Healthcare employees…show more content…
HRM should review applications as well as search resume databases for the candidates that have the qualifications and skills required for the position. HRM however does not know in depth what the manger is looking for, nor who would be the best fit in the department so they are unable to make the hiring decisions on their own. (Fallon Jr., & McConnell, 2007). HRM should then send the list of resumes to department managers for interview. Once the department interviews qualified candidates for the interview, they make decisions on the candidate they would like to hire. That candidate is sent back to HRM where they complete the hiring process and contact the applicant with a job offer. Having a hiring procedure as such, saves hiring managers time and costs as well as reducing liabilities that may come along with possibly hiring unqualified employees. HRM and department managers have to have a trust in each other’s role in the hiring process to be successful in finding qualified
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