Careerism, The Cause And Causes Of College Students

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College professors have been complaining about students who are unmotivated and uninterested; who therefor resist efforts to be educated. Students show this mindset in a few ways: not talking in class discussions, not reading assigned homework, complaining about to much work, missing class, and many more. Motivated and engaged college students cannot learn to their full potential; most students ridicule and look down on students who try hard in college universities. A sophomore at Duke University complains, "If you try to discuss something that happened in class, or something from your reading for class, they 'll ridicule you. People want to be able to turn off the academic switch the minute they get out of class" (Willimon 30). Many college students are occupied with what people think about their hair, clothes, cars, instead of focusing on their education. It is nothing new, there has always been students who hated studying, thought classes were boring, and expected high grades for their unmotivated work. Professors have been complaining about these type of students since college universities were created. So you may ask, if all of this is old information then, what’s…show more content…
Careerism is a cause and effect of student anti-intellectualism. Students with a careerism mind, see college as an obstacle, which needs to be completed as soon as possible to live the “good life”. Courses that students are required to take, no matter what their major is, are looked down upon by some students because they believe those classes are useless to their future career. Many students believe college is something that’s necessary to complete before “living the good life”, so students believe they need the highest grades, with the least amount of effort, time, and inconvenience. With this mindset, students don’t care about remembering anything after the test on the material that was
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