Benefits Of Spiritual Intelligence

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The benefits that spiritual intelligence brings are not confined in the empowerment, performance, and commitment of employees in the workplace. Spiritual intelligence is valuable also because it helps a person to deal with the inevitable stress or pressures in his family, as well as in his personal and professional life. It was found out that spiritual intelligence is indeed helpful in increasing one’s resilience (Khosravi & Nikmanesh, 2014). Resilience, as what the American Psychological Association (2016) puts it, is the practice of adjusting well in the middle of arduous circumstances such as dangers, ordeals, tragedies, and peril. Also, resilience is a way of adapting capably with stress and problems with relationships, health, or workplace…show more content…
Significant differences have been found out to exist between high and low spiritual intelligence and all dimensions of both emotional intelligence and mental well-being (Dash & Patnaik, 2015). The findings suggest that people possessing high spiritual intelligence are more emotionally stable and have healthier mental condition than those with low spiritual intelligence. Dash and Patnaik (2015) maintained that emotional intelligence draws on emotional resources in the same manner that spiritual intelligence (SI) can be conceived as a set of abilities that draw on spiritual resources of the individual. Ability to recognize, understand and respond to the emotions of others requires a level of emotional literacy that is achieved after one becomes able to recognize her/his own feelings and emotions. Thus, being able to understand the actual origin of one’s feelings is the territory of spiritual intelligence. Research has also shown positive correlation between spiritual and emotional intelligence (Farhangi, Fathi, Vasegh, & Nargesian, 2009; Kaur, Sambasivan, & Kumar, 2013). In connection with this, it can be connoted that spiritual intelligence is the heart of all intelligences. So, because SQ is the heart, both the emotions and mental health of a person are affected. The implication of the result is that it is highly imperative to enhance the spiritual intelligence of a person who desires to achieve emotional stability. In addition, those who aspire to improve their mental capacities and processes need to address their spiritual requirements and find means to develop their spiritual
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