The Spiritual Leadership Theory In The Workplace

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The spiritual leadership theory was developed during an evolution and progression of modern leadership theories. Research suggests that the spiritual leadership theory is the solution for addressing work overload and increased stress due to globalization, culturally diverse environments, robust technology, and competitive markets (Fry & Cohen, 2009). The theory’s purpose is to motivate others through values, attitudes, and behaviors; incorporating basic human needs: vision, hope, faith, love, work spirituality, and spiritual well-being (Fry & Cohen, 2009). As a result, several changes occurred such as, team empowerment, increased levels of organizational dedication, and increased organizational productivity and performance. The purpose of this…show more content…
“Workplace spirituality not only leads to beneficial personal outcomes such as increased job satisfaction, and commitment, but that they also deliver improved productivity and reduce absenteeism and turnover (“Workplace Spirituality”, 2015, para. 2). Research suggests that spiritual leadership provides a new perspective to influence employees and cultivates the relationship between leaders and employees. Thereby motivating everyone to work towards organizational goals, performance, and culture. The modernized corporate world forces leaders to confront the complex dynamics that are related to various challenges such as, social responsibility, differing opinions, and diverse workforces (Rauf,…show more content…
Employees require exposure to and training of the different multicultural aspects such as appropriate greetings, celebrated holidays, and traditional customs. “Companies with a diverse multicultural workforce tend to rely on workshops to develop knowledge management skills among people from different backgrounds” (Maham, 2013, p. 1094). Training and education should comprise of universal internal and external awareness and sensitivity; along with individualized cultural needs of the

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