Baldwin's Theory: Heterosexuality And Homosexuality

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Upon reading Baldwin’s theory, I became inspired and motivated because of his background as a Christian and an African American bisexual male figure. As a Christian, Baldwin has faced challenges due to his sexuality, religion, and race. In addition, as a Christian one is being taught that one should not question or challenge the Bible and as a bisexual male figure Western society has it that Baldwin has committed a sin. Both Baldwin and I agree that Jesus loves everyone and that heterosexuality should not be considered the norm. Throughout American history, African American women were constructed as inherently sexual and excessively available. At the same time, African Americans sexuality became an icon of eccentric sexuality in general and…show more content…
For example, “sociological and popular understanding of gay and lesbian relationships has been greatly distorted by the false presumption that only heterosexual relationships are normal ways of expressing sexual intimacy and love” (Andersen 1997, 95). This explains how society helps in influencing and identifying people sexual identities throughout their lifetime. Andersen admits that “heterosexual identity includes the belief that men have an overpowering sex drive and that women are considered more loving, soft and are link to sex [… and] contemporary sexual attitudes are shaped by phallocentric thinking-that which sees men as powerful and women as weak” (Andersen 1997, 94, 96). Although, society is lead to believe that men should be the dominant figure of the family. The reality is that, in gay and lesbian relationships, no one individual displays the behavior of an authoritative…show more content…
Considering this, the Western society fails to realize that “sexual identity for any individual emerges over the course of a lifetime and is shaped by social and historical contexts” (Andersen 1997, 96). Hence, sexuality not only takes time to develop, but it is natural for an individual to experience numerous changes in order to discover one’s sexual identity. As a minority, especially African American and a Christian being gay is unacceptable. On the other hand, both male and female of Caucasian descendent has a right to pursue their sexual needs. Similarly, I believe that African Americans should have a right to their sexual preference. As a Christian, we should treat our brothers and sisters fairly and love equally, so why should we hate someone because of their sexual orientation? Instead, we need to embrace others and we need to find a solution in order to deconstruct homophobia. Baldwin mentions that he “was called a faggot. This meant that I was despised, and, however horrible this is, it is clear. What was not clear at that time of my life was what motivated the men and boys who mocked and chased me; for, if they found me when they were alone, they spoke to me very differently–frightening me” (Baldwin 1985, 684). Based on my experience, I am able
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