Homophobia And Homosexuality

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Approximately 300 million people live in the United States, and of the 300 million people, nine million people have identified themselves as homosexual. This number could be even higher since not every individual has identified themselves as homosexual. At least nine million people are subject to prejudice, hatred, or discrimination because of stereotypes society has placed on them. Stereotyping has led to discrimination, hatred, and prejudice of homosexuals. This extreme and irrational aversion toward homosexuality or homosexuals is called homophobia and is a major social problem.
A social problem, according to Thomas Sullivan (2012), is “when an influential group defines it as threating its values, when the condition affects a large number of people, and when it can be remedied by collective action”. Homophobia is indeed a social problem because negative stereotypes are prohibiting gay males and lesbians from living an equal, free life like their heterosexual counterparts. Whether the homophobic acts are minor or major, all homosexuals are discriminated, ostracized, beaten, or murdered every day. Further discussion of how homophobic stereotypes affect homosexuals, who is considered to be homophobic, and potential solutions to stop homophobia will be described below through peer reviewed literature.
The first article by Bhugra (2010) is a compilation of many different articles and describes homophobia as an irrational fear or intolerance of homosexuality and is socially determined prejudice. Homophobia can also be defined as a socially determined prejudice as opposed to a medically diagnosed fear. Homophobic attitudes are intolerant mainly toward males most likely due to the fact that male homosexuals are more visible. Homop...

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...a. Homophobic behavior can be driven by an individual’s fear, family, religion, culture, political affiliation, societal setting, and personal beliefs. All three articles made suggestions in order to prevent stereotypes and homophobia, and while many people are being educated and changing their beliefs about homosexuality, many more people may never change their beliefs and ideals. Educating people to change their minds takes generations, since many people are not so easily persuaded to think differently. People have been brainwashed to think certain ways. Even though society is beginning to accept homosexuality and homosexuals, society still has not broken the stereotypes associated. Stereotypes today are still prevalent, need to be addressed, and broken so homosexuals can have the same freedoms as heterosexuals and not live in fear of being discriminated against.
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