Trials and Tribulations of a Homosexual

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The history of the gay rights movement has been a hard fought battle within the United States. In fact the first gay rights movement dates back to 1924 with the creation of The Society for Human Rights in Chicago, Illinois. It wasn’t until the 1960’s that gay rights started to make progress. In the year 1969 The Stonewall Riots took place when gay, lesbian, and transgender patrons of a New York bar were raided by the police. This forever changed the movement from isolated incidents to a world wide phenomenon. As generations proceeded, institutions such as the American Psychiatric Society began to classify homosexuality as a disease, which was later retracted in the 1970’s and was no longer considered a mental disorder. At this time many homosexuals decided to start “coming out”, a process in which people talk freely about their sexual orientation to family and friends. Then in the1980’s new adversary for the gay community became the forefront of debates worldwide. The AIDS crisis, which seemed to be only contracted in the gay male population, paved the way for brutalizing words such as “queer” that was used to describe all sexual minorities. In the 1990’s where the gay rights movement saw more victories with the United States military instituting the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Policy.” This policy gave homosexuals the right to serve within the military. Then in the year 2000, Vermont became the first state to allow same sex civil unions (Pitas). The gay rights movement has made great progress in the United States, compared to generations ago, with the legalization of marriage in some states, and also the gaining of certain equal rights. Many people today accept homosexuals within society, and society in general is more... ... middle of paper ... ...spouse passes on are not subject to state taxes. Marriage is a very big issue and is one of the, if not the, most argued position in the whole gay rights movement. Thought some states have legalized gay marriage, there is still a battle for every state to accept Works Cited Dahir S. Mubarak. “Fired For Being Gay”. Homosexuality. Eds. David M. Haugen and Matthew J. Box. New York. Thomas Gale, 2006, 98-102. Print Friedrichs, Ellen. “What’s the Big Deal With Anti- Gay Bullying?”. Web. 17 Mar 2010 Hartinger, Bret “A Case For Gay Marriage” Homosexuality and Gay Rights”. Eds. Gary E. McCuen. Hudson, Wisconsin Gary E. McCuen publications inc, 1994. 102- 106. print Landau, Eilene. Different Drummer. New York. Julian Messner, 1986.print Pitas, Jeannine. ”History of the Gay Rights Movement in the US. 2000. Web. 17 Mar 2010
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