Homosexuality Essay

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HOMOSEXUALITY Homosexuality has been the topic of constant conflict today. Homosexuality is defined as, a romantic attraction, sexual attraction or sexual behavior between members of the same sex or gender. In addition, homosexuality has been accepted more today, however, it is still frowned upon by many. Consequently, there are many challenges on the views of homosexuality. Some may think that this is an abnormal behavior, to have an attraction to the same sex. On the contrary, there are many who defend that the feelings that homosexual has, are feelings that are normal, not to mention, homosexuals believe that they were in fact born this way. Furthermore, in this essay, it will look at the challenges that are presented on this topic, and look at the conflict that is between society, homosexuals, and the church.…show more content…
Society is one of the corporeal that plays a major role in a homosexual’s life. If you go into public schools, you will see this behavior is becoming more prevalent. Not to mention, the attraction of same sex even start as early as elementary schools. Therefore, young children experiment with same sex interaction, and if the parents don’t address this interaction this could potentially carry over into adulthood. If fact, society makes it appears this is a chosen lifestyle. Additionally, this lifestyle is heavily influence by the radio, television, and peers. Often, young children grow up with this in the household. Some may say that homosexuality is inherit, in addition, it caused by poor parenting. Moreover, there is a lack of knowledge on homosexuality. Consequently, some people may think that homosexuality is a disease that is contagious. In addition, many people frowned upon people that are

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