Pros and Cons of Abortion

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Many human beings consider abortion as something cruel and unnatural for destroying a little living being life. Why you may think? Because that little living being didn’t tell you that they wanted to come into this world. There can be pros and cons about abortion it all depends in the situation that you are in. But, have you ever thought about how dangerous abortion is to the baby and yourself? Have you done research about it? See what clinic is the very best and how much will it cost? Before you think about all these questions ask yourself first. Would I regret this decision later on? Would it be worth it? Would I commit a crime if I decided to abort the child? Give yourself sometime and think about these type of questions and think what is the best for both of you all not just you but the baby or the father. Would you commit to abortion?
In my opinion I think abortion shouldn’t be legal because that would be considered a crime. Killing an infant inside of you is such a cruel thing to do. In the other side I could understand if you’ve been rapped and not want to have the child because it might remind you of that certain situation. Therefore I think we can fix this abortion problem by making a law something like if you’ve been rapped you can abort it but first special doctors will have to check or do test if you’ve been rapped. Or if the women decided not to abort she can always look for other parents that might want to adopt the child. But, going back to my first sentence I honestly don’t think anyone should abort because the poor child didn’t say that they want to come into this world at all. Therefore whatever you plan to do make the right decision before you do anything stupid. To have a child is a blessing. You make think w...

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...most common risk is death. Death is a very common risk if you decided to abort in your late term because you are losing lots of blood which came from the baby that you were going to have. Therefore think about your decision twice and don’t make the same mistake twice.
As a final point, after doing some research I think abortion shouldn’t be allowed because you should of protected yourself in the first place. Once you decided that you are going to abort you would have that little crime that you decided to do in you for the rest of your life because you just have killed an innocent living being inside of you that didn’t tell you that they wanted to come into this world. Also maybe later on you might not have the ability to have kids since abortion can have side effects later on in your future. That’s why I think you should protect yourself and don’t commit a crime.
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