Analysis Of Digital Footprints By Martin Lindstorm

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Merriam Webster Dictionary defines brainwashed as: a forcible indoctrination to induce someone to give up basic political, social, or religious beliefs and attitudes and to accept contrasting regimented ideas. Brandwashed is a phenomenal novel that exposes the tricks companies adopt to manipulate peoples’ minds and persuade the general public to purchase products over and over again. This book details a few of the psychological tactics marketers adopt to control the minds of their consumers. Research today provides extensive amount of information that is based on neuroscience and cognitive psychology, that companies use in conjunction with digital footprints new age consumer leave behind on their social media accounts. Digital footprints are…show more content…
He has worked with numerous of the Fortune Global 500 companies as a brand building expert. He has truly mastered consumers’ deepest desires by exploit hot spots in the human brains to compel them to purchase blindly and willingly. As a result, Martin has successfully help launched new products and brands. Martin created this book during the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. Martin’s main purpose of this book was not getting us to stop purchasing, as that is nearly impossible. “The purpose is to educate and empower you to make smarter, sounder, more informed decisions about what we’re buying and why” (Lindstorm 8). By exposing marketing companies tricks and tactics, consumers would be equipped to battle the war on impulse purchasing in a time of…show more content…
A baby can also hear a broad range of external sounds and tones like music. Studies reveal that music and sounds leave a long lasting impression that actually shapes the child’s adult tastes and life. “Music is very powerful in producing fetal memories. The fetus will build the same musical taste with his/her mother automatically, since all the hormones of the mother are shared by the fetus” (Huotilainen). This idea is extremely important and powerful as companies see this as a way to capitalize on new potential customers. Biological programing occurs when fetuses develop a response to sound after continued reputation as their mothers experienced a positive experience to the sounds. For example, lets say a mother watches her favorite TV show that has a catchy jingle, the fetus will create a positive preference to the same jingle because of repetition and because the mother shares hormones that are sent to the baby. Therefore, once the baby is born it will have a conditioned response to all of the positive tones share with the mother that happened inside of the womb. In Asian, mall executives realized that pregnant women spent an enormous amount of time inside of the mall which could have the potential for priming these women and their newborns. The mall executives started to experiment with the mall environment in an attempt to channel the subconscious mind of the pregnant
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