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Have you ever walked into a store and notice that your favorite items are always at the end of the store or on the right side? Stores and businesses use different ways to target your ability as a shopper to get you to purchase more and frequent their stores more often than what you would normally do. Malcolm Gladwell and Charles Duhigg explain different shopping method in which stores and businesses use to get you to walk into their store and purchase items in which you need and don’t need. In Gladwell’s article of the “The Science of Shopping”, Gladwell explains with great analytical detail the strategies that stores and businesses use to bring in customers frequently and buy more products than what the customer actually needs. As well as Duhigg implements his ideas and the psychology of “ The Power of Habit” that trigger the process of cues and rewards that creates a habit that maybe hard to break. Vons uses Duhigg’s and Glagwell’s marketing techniques well to attract more customers into their store by using the tracking of recent purchase made by the customer to provide coupons for the customers next purchase.

One of the methods that Gladwell discusses about on his article “ The Science of Shopping” is the Butt-Brush Theory. The Butt-Brush theory is a technique used at stores and businesses in order to get the customers attention. The way Vons uses this technique is in fact a very smart move. When you’re walking down the isles of items in the store on the lower side of the shelf are placed the automatic coupon machines in which is right at the length of a persons hips. As you pass by you then feel as if you hit something with your hips, catching your attention, in which it makes you turn around and look to see if you droppe...

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In conclusion to the examples provided by Duhigg and Gladwell, they’re marketing strategies and techniques of how stores and business attract customers more is impeccable. The strategies are very well implemented into Vons, The Butt-Brush Method, Petting, and Zone 4. Next time you walk into a store, stop and analyze the strategies being used by the store and see if they correlate with what Duhigg and Gladwell are trying to make us see. These strategies are very well related to our habits because it’s all connected together to create “The Science of Shopping.”

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