The Secret Dialogue Between What We Buy And Who We Are By Rob Walker

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The Buying In; The Secret Dialogue Between What We Buy And Who We Are, written by Rob Walker, is a book about who has the power and who is control when it comes to what we buy and why we buy it. He says; “brands are dead. Advertising no longer works. Or so we’re told.” (Walker) Walker argues that people accepting this to be truth is part of a much bigger shift in our cultural thinking that includes a concept that he calls “murketing”. Murketing is a combination of the two words murky and marketing. It is an advertising strategy of a business that chooses to create a brand image that is both undefined and mysterious in an attempt to encourage the customers’ curiosity. Walker explains to us how instead of us becoming immune to these different advertising tactics we have become more drawn and blinded by them.

When you look at the way business are now advertising to their consumers, it’s changed over the years. It’s gone from no nonsense straightforward advertising, to a little more of a subtle approach to advertising, and now to as Walker calls it murketing. He demonstrates this new way he calls marketing through demonstrating the ways in which buyers adopt products not as their own choices, but as a conscious expression of their own personal identities. He uses different brands like Red Bull, Apple, Livestrong, and Timberland as examples of different companies who use this marketing style. It has become we are what we buy and we buy what we are.

When he talks about the marketing and advertising of today he speaks of the word of mouth and social media and the power that it holds. Continuing with what he said before about people adopting brands to be their own, when it comes to social marketing, if people identify and e...

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...his ideas and create them to be our own in our advertising project. With our product not being so glamorous, people will not be so comfortable with it. Therefore we would have to make our consumers become advocates and lovers of our product. What I would like our brand image to become is that of what Kleenex has done. Kleenex and facial tissue have become synonymous with each other.

The Buying In; The Secret Dialogue Between What We Buy And Who We Are, was a very insightful and eye opening book to read. Even though I knew the majority of what he wrote about in his book because of my amazing professor and mentor. It was more in depth of what I have learnt and it was also directly from the source. It gave me several ideas of what I can do with my group project to hopefully optimize our potential and make our marketing or even our murketing the best it can be.
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