Amazon Big Data Case Study

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1. The key strategy implementation efforts at Amazon all surround the use of “big data”. Big data is the growth and availability of large volumes of structured/unstructured data. The use of big data has allowed decision making based upon data and analysis instead of past experience and intuition. Big data has directed organizational change in allowing Amazon to expand from an online book store to an internet giant. Revolutionary application of big data has allowed Amazon to create superior service quality while motivating employees by providing real time information to solve customer issues. Big data has strengthened Amazon’s competitive capabilities by pioneering the application of big data and charging a monthly fee to smaller businesses…show more content…
Jeff Bezos started with an idea to sell books on-line by being able to hold more books than any other brick-and-mortar store. The first mover advantage that Amazon gained has not let up since. Amazon has created customer loyalty through the use of 360 degree customer profiles and product recommendation system. Furthermore, Amazon has allowed access to big data for a monthly fee and created a web store for businesses saving on huge investments in development for a commission on sales. Big data is constantly evolving and Amazon is ahead of the curve with the application and analytics of big…show more content…
The case study does not mention green initiatives that Amazon may have at this time. I would recommend looking toward the future with green initiatives if Amazon has not adopted any policy yet. The adoption of green initiatives will help with company image and help with environmental concerns. Ultimately, the current CSR strategy for Amazon is sound and Amazon needs focus on long term growth.
5. I would not make any strategy recommendations to Jeff Bezos at this time. Allowing third party sellers to attain access to big data seemed crazy the first time I read it, however, Amazon is making money off the competition. Mr. Bezos is looking toward the future and has applied the use of big data to provide superior customer service while producing revolutionary web solutions for businesses. Amazon should look to redouble its horizontal and vertical scope using big data. Amazon should never be satisfied with the current position of the company and constantly look for places to grow. Also, analyzing big data to improve the efficiency of the company vertically is very appealing. Ultimately, Amazon should explore every avenue to expand through the use of big
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