Business-IT Alignment Analysis

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Business-IT Alignment Analysis

It's important to realize that first and foremost is a technology company. Over the past years, grew from an online retailer into a platform on which more than 1 million active retail partners worldwide do business. Behind's successful evolution from retailer to technology platform is its SOA (service-oriented architecture), which broke new technological ground and proved that SOAs can deliver on their promises.

Growth is core to's business strategy, and that has had a significant impact on the way they use technology: growth through more categories, a larger selection, more services, more buying customers, more sellers, more merchants, and more developers, increasing the different access methods, and expanding delivery mechanisms. The impact has been on many areas: larger data sets, faster update rates, more requests, more services, tighter SLAs (service-level agreements), more failures, more latency challenges, more service interdependencies, more developers, more documentation, more programs, more servers, more networks, more data centers. A large part of's technology evolution has been driven to enable this continuing growth, to be ultra-scalable while maintaining availability and performance.

The biggest success has been that has become a platform that other businesses can benefit from. Making a general platform for e-commerce operation has been made possible through their advanced technology investments and it has become a major success. Making available through a Web services interface to any developer in the world free of charge has also been a major success because it has driven so much innovation that...

... middle of paper ... their headquarters or the specific computer systems are located.

Along with the incredible opportunities the Internet has created, this global connectivity also has exposed businesses to an excess of regional issues that can dramatically alter a business' potential for profit or loss and also change the risks and threats to the business.


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