Advantages of Online Recruitment

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Question one (350 words, 35 marks)
One of the recruitment/selection methods currently being used by organizations is online recruitment. Explain what is meant by recruitment, online recruitment and describe the advantages of online recruitment. Support your answer with examples and evidences from the case study .
One of the most important things in a company or business is the employment of suitable employees. Any successful organization must pay great attention on the selection of its employees because the success of any company relays directly on the performance and quality of its employees. And in order to have the suitable employees, the company must attract the widest range of applicants for the jobs. This is the first step of the employees’ employment process which is called: Recruitment.
Recruitment is the process of attracting and targeting applicants of suitable qualifications for the jobs needed in a company. Recruitment also involves the process of targeting special and well-qualified applicants using encouraging techniques for qualified recruits to encourage them apply for the needed jobs. For example from our case study; “to target graduate recruits, Enterprise Company has developed a dedicated recruitment brand and website that shows potential employees the benefits of career opportunities with Enterprise and provides a medium through which students can submit their applications. It also presents profiles of Enterprise employees with their career stories.” All of this will have great affect on qualified recruits to encourage them to apply for the jobs which results on a better quality of applicants for the needed jobs.
Recruitment is a tow-way process that involves both the organization and the applicant, not only ...

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... company use standard documentation in order to match job roles with personal qualities and skills and then it compares the online application forms to the skills and competencies that the job needs.
Finally, the job description and person specification analysis is difficult where the organization must think about every single detail of the job and job holder, however, it is very main and important step in the employment process.

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