Recruitment and Hiring Process

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581 words

According to Noe (2012), most experts believe that the most important human resource decision makes by a leader is deciding who to hire. Manager manages the recruitment and selection process. Selection for the best candidates for the job is very important in an organization because the performance always depends on employees, the recruiting and hiring is costly and the legal obligations like mismanaging hiring has legal consequence. The main aim of employee selection is to achieve person-job fit which is identifying the knowledge, skills, abilities (KSAs), and competencies that are central to performing the job. The objective of effective selection is to decide who the right people are, by matching individual characteristics (ability, experience, and training) with the requirements of the job (DeRue & Morgeson, 2007; Kristof -Brown, Zimmermam, & Johnson, 2005). The manager will do checking for reliability and validity of the interviewer. In PPNJ Poultry & Meat Sdn Bhd, the people who manage the recruitment and selection process is the Human Resource department or staffs. Selection em...

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that the most important human resource decision made by a leader is deciding who to hire. the manager manages the recruitment and selection process.
  • Explains that selection employees can be through many ways such as employment test, selection interview or performance simulations.
  • Explains that in the ppnj company, the manager selects the employees by asking a question to validate whether they understand about the information of company and see how they answer the question.
  • Explains that the manager will prepare a series of five questions when selecting new employees through interview. these questions include information about the industry like how the product process and the way of delivery.
  • Explains performance appraisal is the formal process of observing and evaluating an employee's performance. supervisors are usually in the best position to observe and evaluate their subordinates. human resource managers provide the advice and appraisal tool.
  • Explains that in ppnj company, the performance appraisal of the employee is assessed once a year. each employee in the company has their own file that includes an employee assessment report.
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