Recruitment and Selection Process in Southwood School

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This case study is regarding the recruitment and selection process of the Southwood School. They focus on particular recruitment method: to advertise all teaching positions in a specialist newspaper publication called TES (Times Educational Supplement). In this publication basic advertisements were placed one time, and interested candidates were instructed to contact the school to ask for an application package which comprises all the required documents in detail to help out the candidates. Submission of the forms is to be made in relevant departments with two references within the due date.

Then panel consisting of three judges evaluates the submitted forms and grade them from A to C (A being highest and C lowest), then panel talk about A rated forms and sort out who among them will receive selection day invitation. Training was not proposed to panel members to facilitate them to choose the best candidates.

The organization follows two selection methods for all teaching vacancies—an informal and formal interview. The first (informal) interview was conducted by the principal and an administrator; this was applied to learn basic information about the candidate in addition to check the information on application form. The second interview was more detailed and explored a wide range of problems with the candidates.

Due to time restrictions, panel members were normally unable to meet in advance, so they build up their own self-sufficient interview questions. Although the principal chaired the interviews, they were rarely conceded out in an identical manner and there was no high level of uniformity with the questions. No official scoring system was used...

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