Adolf Hitler

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In 1889, Adolf Hitler was born in Braunau an Inn, Austria-Hungary to Klara and Alois Hitler. Hitler did extremely well in primary school; his grades were above average. Hitler's father wanted him to enter the civil service and thus sent him to Realschule, a secondary school that emphasized modern languages and technical subjects. Since Hitler wanted to be an artist, he purposely did poorly in Realschule. His father died in 1903 and the absence of a fatherly figure led to Hitler's dropping out of school entirely. In pursuit of his dream, he moved to Vienna, but was rejected by the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts in 1907. The World War I in 1914 helped Hitler, as his inherited money started to exhaust. He volunteered in the German army and served the whole war. When Germany lost the war, he was very disappointed and blamed the Jews for the defeat. He decided he would join the politics to save the country. After the war, Hitler's speaking successes led him to the position of an observer of political groups in the Munich. The German Workers' Party (later renamed as National Socialist German Workers' Party) worked on the same ideas as Hitler - violent racial nationalism and anti-Semitism. Hitler quickly became the new spokesman for the party. Soon, Hitler had gathered enough support to be chosen as Führer (absolute leader) of the party. On November 8, 1923, Hitler and armed members of the Sturmabteilungen marched on a Munich beer hall, took von Kahr and his associates hostage and declared in von Kahr's name the formation of a new national government. When Von Kahr was released, he ordered the Bavarian police to crush Hitler's revolution. Hitler was arrested and tried. He was sentenced to five years in prison for treason, but ... ... middle of paper ... ...stroyed by British and American bombers. Several assassination attempts were made, but Hitler maintained control of the country. When Hitler realized his failure, he appointed Karl Dönitz, the head of the navy, as his successor. He then married his mistress and committed suicide in Berlin on April 30, 1945. Works Cited (MLA style): · Gerhard L. Weinberg. "Hitler, Adolf." Microsoft® Encarta® Online Encyclopedia. 2002. Microsoft® Encarta® Encyclopedia. 25 Oct. · "Hitler, Adolf." BIOGRAPHY® Online Database. 2001. Biography Resource Center. 25 Oct. · "Hitler, Adolf." Britannica Online. 2001. Encyclopaedia Britannica. 27 October 2002.
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