Hitler’s Rise to Power

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Why was Adolf Hitler able to become chancellor of Germany in January 1933

In the year of 1933 Adolf Hitler seized the position of chancellor of Germany and this power that he received in January 30th is what shaped one of the most bloodlust dictatorships that this world has ever known. Hitler’s desire for power and victory made him one of the greatest leaders the world has ever seen but it also made him one of the most cruel and heartless people known to mankind. But how did he do this, how did he become one of the greatest and cruellest dictators? Throughout this essay we will explore the long, short and immediate causes for Hitler’s sudden success.

Hitler’s rise to power came from many different causes however, his reign as chancellor did not come immediately there were many long-term causes that played a key role within Hitler’s rise to power.

Another key factor that played a role in Hitlers rise to power was after World War one as the treaty of Versailles took away Germanys colonies and forced them to pay 33billion dollars, to Britain and France. This debt in return completely bankrupted Germany and economically enslaved the people of Germany. Unemployment and inflation at the time was out of control. Ther German currency lost so much value that people were struggling to buy a simple loaf of bread. The reason the great depression helped Hitler was because he promised the people of Germany that he would rebuild Germany to its former self. He promised jobs which mainly came through the army, this in affect helped Hitler realise one of his other promises which was to take Revenge on those who left Germany crippled after the war. This made him and the Nazis wildly popular in Germany during the 1930s. In just a few short years,...

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...ason Hitler rose up and became one of the most charasmatic and respected leader at the time, this was due to many different factors which each played a key role in his rise to power. From the great depression in 1929 to the date of becoming Chancellor in 1933, Hitler managed to seize power by decieving the population and making them believe that he was the solution. From the long term causes to the immédiate causes Hitler managed to build himself up to become one of the most powerfully people in Germany.

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