What Are The Similarities Between Hitler And Macbeth

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Terrible Tyrants Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin and Macbeth all had an unquestionable authority over an entire nation. They had ruthless ambition which drove them to do anything to become the ultimate leader. The comparison between all of them is undeniable. Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin and Macbeth were motivated by their ambition, they manipulated people, and they abused their power once they got it, and they betrayed people. Adolf Hitler gained his power in German Politics as leader of The National Socialist German Workers Party also called by the Nazi Party, which is the mostly known name. When the Great War, or World War I, started to breakout, Hitler served in the German army. He gained power from there by using the scapegoat technique, which is playing on the weaknesses, hopes, and fears of the people. The Germans were “ripe” for him to become their leader and take power because of the shaming the they were put through in the war, he then went on to become known as the greatest military leader (Adolf Hitler Biography). He wanted to return Germans their pride, and promised to make them respected and powerful. This is when he rioted them against a common enemy, the Jews, and tried to overtake…show more content…
Even though they had different beliefs, for example Hitler had racists beliefs, and Stalin did not have any because he was a communist. Both of the men used propaganda to persuade people to follow and to listen to them. They both were born in humble backgrounds, and were both brought up in a poor house. Both became revolutionaries and unlikely leaders. They became leaders during the period between two wars. They manipulated people by promising a better life for countrymen, progress, and modernisation. None of that happen for the people who listen, they only said this for their own selfish reasons. They only were concerned with consolidating and expanding their own power (Hitler and

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