A Personal Note: Server As A Server

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The role that I perform in this organization is server, as a server my responsibilities depend greatly on the business; however, in all cases my primary duty is to provide excellent customer service to the clients, take their orders, and deliver food and beverages to the tables. Sometimes I got other job duties as performing basic cleaning tasks as needed or directed by supervisor. In most situations, servers are expected to answer questions regarding the menu or the restaurant. Also, I work closely with other members of the staff and the kitchen to ensure the restaurant is operated efficiently, and food is delivery on time. It could be seeming like this restaurant have been successful during the years. They have been on business for more…show more content…
The restaurant has approximately 48 tables without counting the patio who has 8 more tables but it is just open when the weather is nice outside so it does not count on this income approximation. So, the average of the used for those 48 tables by customers during the day is between 300 to 350 tables, with an estimate cost of $20 dollars for table, it gives us a daily income of $6,000 to $7,000 dollars. If we used the same estimation cost during a normal week that the restaurant is open, the 7 days of the week (Monday to Monday), it gives us a weekly income of $42,000 to $49,000 dollars, this would definitely vary depend of the week and how full the restaurant was during the week. But If we used the same approximation to calculate the monthly income, it gives us a monthly income of $189,000 to $220,000 dollars. That’s a really nice income just based on a regular two clients’ meals who just went to enjoy a regular meal of $20 dollars without expending any more money on alcohol beverages or dessert. In my personal opinion, the restaurant has been really successful over the years. Because they learned how to create a profitable system that make them earn money and still give customers a nice service at an affordable
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