Estimation Essays

  • The Importance of Stature Estimation

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    of age, sex, and ancestry, stature estimation assists a forensic anthropologist in building the biological profile of an unidentified decedent (DiGangi, Moore). Research has shown that measurement of the lengths of the long bones is the most useful for estimation of living stature of an individual when the full skeleton is not available (DiGangi, Moore). According to DiGangi and Moore, the following generalizations can be made when considering stature estimation: • Stature in humans increases until

  • Estimation of Population Parameters

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    Estimation of Population Parameters Aim Undertake a small-scale survey to estimate population parameters. Size of Sample The size of the sample must be quite small, because it is stated so in the aim. However, to make accurate estimates of population parameters the sample must be large enough. [IMAGE] According to the Central Limit Theorem: n If the sample size is large enough, the distribution of the sample mean is approximately Normal. n The variance of the distribution

  • Estimation of Chlorine in Household Bleach

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    Estimation of Chlorine in Household Bleach In this investigation, I am looking to determine the amount of chlorine present in household bleach. However, in order to do this I would have to calculate the mass represented by chlorine in the mass of the household bleach. After doing that, I would then have to represent this as a percentage. In order to calculate the mass represented by the chlorine in the mass of the household bleach, I would have to titrate this solution, along with an

  • Beta Essay

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    The concept of beta has gained prominence due to the pioneering works of Sharpe (1963), Lintner (1965) and Mossin (1966). There are many studies that examine the behaviour and nature of beta. These studies include the impact of the length of the estimation interval, the stability of individual security beta as compared to portfolio beta, factors influencing the beta as well as the stability of beta in various market conditions. In theory, market capitalisation weighted indices are preferred as compared

  • Perception of Body Size in Patients with Anorexia Nervosa

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    nervosa. Often people who suffer from anorexia refuse to eat more than is absolutely necessary to maintain a minimal weight for their height. Øverås, M., Kapstad, H., Brunborg, C., Landrø, N. I., and Lask, B. (2014) experiment analyzed body size estimation on perception and memory, in patients with anorexia nervosa by comparing results with a healthy control group. They had a particular interest on how anxiety may have influence on anorexia nervosa patient’s perception of their body image. Øverås

  • The Character of Ophelia in Shakespeare's Hamlet

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    innocence and virtue of women. The extent to which Hamlet feels betrayed by Gertrude is far more apparent with the addition of Ophelia to the play. Hamlet's feelings of rage against his mother can be directed toward Ophelia, who is, in his estimation, hiding her base nature behind a guise of impeccability. Through Ophelia we witness Hamlet's evolution, or de-evolution into a man convinced that all women are whores; that the women who seem most pure are inside black with corruption and sexual

  • biological profile

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    root etching, varying in visibility. This erosion varies in severity throughout all of the elements. The left and right femur and the left tibia are peeling due to an unknown cause. Works Cited Trotter, M., Gleser G.C. 1958. A Re-Evaluation of Estimation of Stature Based on Measurements of Stature Taken During Life and of Long Bones After Death. American Journal of Anthropology 16 (1): 79-123. Fully, G. and Pineau, H. 1960. Determination de la Stature au Moyen de Squelette. Annales de Medicine Legale

  • Buoyancy and Elasticity: Determinants of Local Tax System's Performance

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    greater degree of fiscal autonomy to local government units, a periodic evaluation of the performance of the prevailing local tax system from the perspective of resource mobilization is, therefore, an imperative task among local government units. Estimation of Tax Buoyancy and Elasticity An important point to consider in any tax system is the responsiveness of the tax revenue to changes in income. According to Mansfield (Majuca, 1998), this responsiveness is measured by the concepts of tax elasticity

  • Mongolian Grill Analysis

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    Executive Summary Our team has been instructed to help advise on a business case involving a restaurant, The Mongolian Grill. It’s owner, John Butkus, is contemplating renovations, in hopes of adding capacity and increasing revenue. There are several scenarios that are available to him. One option is to add an extra food bar. The second option is to move the location of the cooking area. He can also implement both options, if he so chooses. Our team has done the appropriate financial calculations

  • measuring brain activity

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    changes of variables in the brain’s activity are that maybe the problem does not reside in the blood, oxygen intake, or glucose utilization. It may be in other factors that we do not observe that is causing the trouble. By being limited to these estimations of brain activity does not really make our effort of correcting the problem that successful.

  • The Central Processing Unit

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    to produce CPU's shortly thereafter. Gordon Moore, one of the founders of Intel, predicted that the number of transistor placed on each CPU would double every 18 months or so. This sounds almost impossible, however this has been a very accutate estimation of the evolution of CPUs. Intel introduced their first processor, a 4004, in November of 1971. This first processor had a clock speed of 108 kilohertz and 2,300 transistors. It was used mainly for simple arithmetic manipulation such as in a calculator

  • Civil Engineering

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    These structures must also meet building codes and other regulations. Civil engineers are usually contracted for their work and must have their designs approved by city and state officials. They will create a proposal for the job that includes estimation of costs, illustrations of designs, and specifications of the building. To enter the field of civil engineering one must first earn a bachelor's degree in civil engineering. To obtain a position as a researcher or as a faculty member, one must

  • Analysis of Religion and Globalization by Peter Beyer

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    character of today’s world and religion’s place within it. Both the speed and the range are functions of contemporary communications technology, which makes rapid communication possible over virtually the entire surface of the globe. In Beyer’s estimation, effective barriers to communication between radically different and distant socio-cultural groups no longer exist. For this reason, Beyer argues that the global system must be the primary unit of analysis, even for phenomena as highly specific

  • Business Law

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    It is a question concern the law of contracts in particular, the law of misrepresentation. It is my objective to identify the difficult concept of different kind of misrepresentation and analyze why it is problematic. Misrepresentation is a false statement designed to encourage the other party to enter a contract. To prove a statement to be a misrepresentation, 7 essential conditions must be satisfied: 1.     A statement must be made by word or conduct. 2.     The statement must be factual. 3.     The

  • Background Information: The Lincoln Index

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    of marked animals in the second sample N = Total Population m2/n2 = n1/N N = n1 x n2 / m2 -If the number of animals recaptured in the second sample (n2) is less than 8, the estimation of the population is likely to be biased. -If there are losses from the population during the remixing period, then the estimation would be for the size of the population at the time of the first sampling session. -If there are gains in the p... ... middle of paper ... size as a replacement for straw

  • The People vs. Orestes

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    modern setting. If Orestes were called forward, on the same charges under the jurisdiction of a United States court of law, would he have been acquitted? Furthermore, would similar circumstances be sufficient to create a reasonable doubt? By my estimation, I would suggest so. It is easy to assume that democratic legal standards (standards of law favored by most citizens) are involved in a constant evolutionary process. Subsequently, one is lead to the interpretation that ancient cultures would most

  • Business Case: Panera Bread Company

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    can be considered for the future. The first idea that came to my mind is to sell Panera or going join venture with one of the big players in the restaurant industry. Panera has an impressively high market value which is indicated by the goodwill estimation on the balance sheet. By getting together with a major franchising company like McDonalds or Burger King, Panera’s expansion could be supported with a much greater amount of money. The backside of this deal would be that Panera’s executives would

  • A Personal Note: Server As A Server

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    approximation. So, the average of the used for those 48 tables by customers during the day is between 300 to 350 tables, with an estimate cost of $20 dollars for table, it gives us a daily income of $6,000 to $7,000 dollars. If we used the same estimation cost during a normal week that the restaurant is open, the 7 days of the week (Monday to Monday), it gives us a weekly income of $42,000 to $49,000 dollars, this would definitely vary depend of the week and how full the restaurant was during the

  • Toy World Business Analysis

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    performance, forecast fund needs and make a recommendation. The case introduces the pattern of current assets and cash flows in a seasonal company and provide and elementary exercise in the construction of the pro forma financial statements and estimation of fund needs. Toy World has been facing two basic issues, as follows: - The first one is if it has to change to a level monthly production. - The second area of concern is the financial arrangement with the bank. These two points are

  • Brave new world essay

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    and very non-fictional times are taking steps toward the world of massive Soma use and acceptation. When one stops, and sees the world today, Huxley’s idea of the common drug; cure all, pleasant, and religion-exterminating seems to be a reasonable estimation of our future developments. Drugs are used to escape the real and move into the surreal world of one’s own imaginations, where the pain is gone and one believes one can be happy. People look on their life, their world, their own reality, and feel