A Career As An Obstetric Nurse

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Keithann James
Obstetrical Nurse

I am interested in pursuing a career in being an Obstetric nurse. An obstetric nurse helps doctors in administering care for women during pregnancies and childbirth. There are many types of duties performed by an obstetric nurse such as assisting a patient, where you help put soon-to-be mothers at ease, and also by taking her vital signs and listening to her heart and lungs. It is also important that you are friendly and encouraging and show that warm and loving bedside manner. Other duties like direct patient care involves a lot of responsibilities for nurses. In direct patient care, the nurses help prepare the patients before the delivery by taking gynecological tests and delivery-related screenings and
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It is competitive when it comes to trying to obtain a position while having to compete with others. It is physically straining for an obstetric nurse having to walk around the hospital for hours sometimes, helping patients and delivering supplies to their room and also being there for them and help them and being to able to keep them calm through the pain. Not every delivery is going to be a storybook ending. Failure to complete a procedure and also undetected errors may lead to possible death to the mother or the baby, and that is the most difficult part of being an obstetric nurse. Having to go through something like that is always painful for both the health care workers and the patients. Some disadvantages for being an obstetric nurse is having to see the patients in pain or the baby ill and close to death is always hard for everyone. Other disadvantages would be having to deal with patients who won’t cope with you and will not listen to you. Advantages for obstetric nurses are seeing the mothers happy and being able to help a newborn baby enter the world for the very first time. It is always a cheerful and happy moment. Obstetricians also belong to one of the most highly paid occupations in the nation so you also get a high
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