A Career as a Nurse Anesthetist

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The idea of taking care of someone and providing assistance to a complete stranger is something not many people do. Seeing people at their worst, during a difficult, challenging and frightening moment of their life is not a job many people would take. However, being there for a person at their time of need is what captivates me the most. Nursing, a career I want to pursue and one that is on my to-do list. Being a nurse entails a lot of things; you must be strong, passionate, hardworking, and caring. Becoming a nurse is my ultimate career goal. In the long term a clear-cut decision would be to further continue my education and become an Nurse Anesthetist with a Master's degree. These goals have been in part influenced by my childhood and Hispanic Heritage. Had it not been for the vast efforts of my parents I may have never had the chance to receive a quality education or even vision post-secondary options. When I was two years old my father was in an accident, he had fell two stories at work. This accident left my dad in a coma for 17 days and in a vegetative state. I was little at ...
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