The Impacts Of Mary Massey's Women In The Civil War

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In the book Women in the Civil War, by Mary Massey, the author tells about how American women had an impact on the Civil War. She mentioned quite a few famous and well-known women such as, Dorothea Dix and Clara Barton, who were nurses, and Pauline Cushman and Belle Boyd, who were spies. She also mentioned black abolitionists, Harriet Tubman and Sojourner Truth, feminist Susan B. Anthony, and many more women. Massey talks about how the concept of women changed as a result of the war. She informed the readers about the many accomplishments made by those women. Because of the war, women were able to achieve things, which caused for them to be viewed differently in the end as a result.
The Civil War all started in 1861, and it lasted until 1865.
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They were considered no use to the society, because they were labeled as being weak. They wanted to be privileged with the same roles as the men did, such as fighting in a battle. The Civil War gave the women an opportunity to do something about their wants. They took action by disguising themselves as men, so they would be able to attend the war. The woman began to take part in other battles that occurred as well. Many of them were able to get away with the scam for a while, until they ended up dead or injured. Those who did not want to join forces and fight still managed to participate in the war in several other ways, like supplying them with things they needed. They decided to take control over things such as teaching jobs, industries, slaves, and family farms and businesses. Women from the North and the South volunteered as nurses during the…show more content…
Women, who made things possible for the African American after the Civil War, were Harriet Tubman and Sojourner Truth. They both were born into slavery. Harriet Tubman was also called Moses, because of her good deeds. She helped free hundreds of slaves using the underground railroads, and she helped them join the Union Army. She helped nurse the wounded soldiers during the war, as well as worked as a spy. She was the first African American to win a court case and one of the first to end segregation. Tubman was famous for her bravery. Sojourner Truth is known for her famous speech “Ain’t I a Woman”. She spoke out about the rights women should be allowed to have, and that no matter the race or gender, everybody was equal. Those women made things possible for the black people during that time. They were the reason many slaves were set free when the Civil War ended.
Women from the North and the South changed the role of women. Women showcased that they were capable of doing more than just working in the house. They worked hard in proving the men wrong, by showing that they can do anything the men do and maybe even
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