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The medical field is one of the higher demand jobs, because there are many areas you can specialize in like nursing (Best Nursing Career Specialties 1). Nurses care for critical patients in a hospital, clinic, or doctor 's office. It is a very serious job because someone 's life is in their hands. Nursing has been around for centuries, over the years it has divided into different types of nursing, and developed different safety precautions. According to what type of nurse one chooses to become depends on the daily routine. A certified midwife, nurse is a nurse that sees pregnant patients. The midwife will have to do regular check-ups and teach the patients about the baby 's care. In some circumstances the midwife might have to deliver the…show more content…
Before nurses came around family members took care of one another. People was also known as a “wet nurse” was hired to breastfeed babies. In Europe when people had the plague and other deadly diseases, Nuns risked their life to take care of them. Woman from the upper-class made nursing a paid profession, they are called Florence nightingale. During the time of the Civil War nurses was needed for the injured soldiers. More than 618,000 soldiers died and hundreds of thousands soldiers were injured. This is where Clara Barton came in and formed a ladies group that went out and supplied the battlefield. Later, she moved on forming the American Red Cross. The first nursing student was Linda Richards. Her husband had been wounded in the Civil War, she took care of him for four years until he died. She trained under the doctor that took care of her mother. Linda then moved to Boston and worked in the Boston City Hospital as a nurse. She was the first graduate to have a year of formal training. In 1879, Mary Eliza Mahoney was the first African American to graduate from the same nursing program. In 1903, North Carolina was the first state to pass a law that requires nurses to have a nursing license. African-American slaves had the role of nursing and caregiver. James Derham was a slave from New Orleans that was brought to freedom, in 1783. He moved to Philadelphia to practice nursing. Margaret…show more content…
Nicole Fortenberry, enjoys helping and caring for others in the medical field. She had been working at Forrest General for almost a year (Fortenberry 1). Still to this day, senior female nurses in England are still known as ¨sister¨ (Allgeyer 2).
In my research, I have learned that there are many types of nursing careers. Depending on what type of nurse I decide to become depends on how much schooling I need. I think I would enjoy nursing because I enjoy helping others and I like the medical field. The only thing I am worried about is my health while caring for patients. I know how easy it can be to spill a chemical or stick myself with a needle, but I am not going to let that hold me back from becoming a nurse. This is why I think I would become a good nurse.
Since nursing has been around for so long, there are many types of nurses, according to what they do means, different safety precautions. Nurses can be anything from a health policy nurse that does work as a social level, to a medical-surgical nurse that helps with surgery. It just depends on your level of education. Health risk is very important to nurses, because they put their lives on the line to help someone. Most nurses work for many years before realizing nursing hurts your body. Many nurses from a long time ago made an impact on today´s nursing habits. Just like Clara Barton created American Red Cross. America still uses this organization today to help people
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