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  • The Vietnam War Of Vietnam

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    The Vietnam War took action after the First Indochina War, in fact the Vietnam War is also known as the Second Indochina War. This war included the communist North Vietnam and its allies of the Viet Cong, the Soviet Union, China and other communist allies going against South Vietnam and its allies, the Unites States, Philippines and other anti-communist allies. It was a very long and conflicting war that actually started in 1954 and ended in 1975. The war began after the rise to power of Ho Chi Minh

  • The Vietnamese War In Vietnam And The Vietnam War

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    The Vietnam War, which also goes by the Second Indochina War, was a Cold War-era conflict that occurred in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia from December of 1956 all the way to the fall of Saigon on April 30, 1975. This particular war may have been viewed at first as an easy and quick one; however the North Vietnamese forces soon proved to the United States that they would certainly be formidable opponents. The war was fought between North Vietnam; which was supported by the Soviet Union, China and other

  • The Vietnam War

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    know anything about the Vietnam conflict? Well the Vietnam conflict was a disagreement between to North and South Vietnam. In Vietnam, this conflict is identified as the American War (Vietnamese Chiê´n Tranh Chô´ng My~ Cu´u Nuo´c, which translates into English as "War against the Americans and to Save the Nation"). The Vietnam conflict was also known as the Second Indochina War. It occurred in 1954 and ended in 1975. It was between the Communist forces of North Vietnam and the Soviet Union, and

  • The Vietnam War

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    The Vietnam War 1. Introduction. I have chose to write about the Vietnam War because it is very exciting, and it have a lot of political and military questions that haven't been cleared out. I would like find out why the US wanted to join the war, and why did they lose the war, and what did the people in the US say about the war. 2. The story of Vietnam Within the war the U.S had the intention to keep South-Vietnam free for communism, and that was also the intention under the war until

  • Vietnam War

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    Vietnam was a small Asian country, 9000 miles away from the United States. Yet America felt that its national interest was threatened strongly enough to fight a war there. The explanation for this lies in the fear caused by the spread of communism at that time. The role of communism was extremely important in this conflict. You see, the US had to enter the war to stop the spread of communism in Asia since North Vietnam was communist. If North Vietnam was to succeed in converting Vietnam into a communist

  • The Vietnam War

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    The Vietnam War “The war on colour television screens in American living rooms has made Americans far more anti-war than anything else. The full brutality of the combat will be there in close-up and in colour, and blood looks very red on the colour television screen”. The USA declared war on Vietnam at a time of evident mass media involvement. The technological progress that was made allowed the full ruthlessness war to be broadcast the people of America. As a result, the entire course

  • The Vietnam War

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    There were many events that lead up the Vietnam War, it started in 1945 with the hostilities between the French and Vietminh. “Geopolitical Strategy, economics, domestic US politics, and cultural arrogance shaped the growing American involvement in Vietnam” (Anderson 1). As a matter of fact, the Vietnam War was several wars, but it was not until 1962 that America had their first combat mission, however, Americans were killed during ambushes by the Vietnamese before the first combat mission. There

  • The Vietnam War

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    The Vietnam War has gone down in United Sates history as one of the longest conflicts the country has faced. This prolonged war was not only costly in economic standards but also in American lives. In a time when the cold war turned hot disputes erupted in the various areas in Vietnam. Along with its southern allies, otherwise known as the Viet Cong, Northern Vietnam raged war against South Vietnam. With its main ally, the United States continued to fight to “save” South Vietnam from turning into

  • The Vietnam War

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    During the war in Vietnam, Americans growing opposition towards the war increased especially in 1967. By 1967 close to nineteen thousand soldiers had died so far and each month, another thirty thousand were drafted into the military. Also, Americans were once again agitated when, in order to meet the costly war expenses, President Johnson requested the creation of new taxes (Keene 792). The Americans who opposed the war included working- and middle-class people, college students, working-class women

  • The Vietnam War

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    The Vietnam War “We cannot understand war without understanding culture” “Involvement in two world wars and the Cold War transformed America into a “crusader