Jane Goodall: The Primatologist of Our Time

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April 3, 1934 a leader was born. A leader by the name of Jane Goodall, an extremely well rounded, primatologist of our time. Although this may seemed distant to many, it was actually her calling. At the age of one, Goodall received a stuffed chimpanzee that her father Herbert Goodall gave to her. She named the chimpanzee Jubilee, which she still keeps with her in her home in England. That was the beginning of her curious mind. She opened many eyes on the situation with chimpanzees being harmed in the jungles and discovered that they are just like “us” humans.

Goodall had a supportive family, such as her mother, Margaret Myfanwe Joseph, a “writer who wrote under the name Vanne Morris Goodall” (Bio True Story, Synopsis Feb. 10, 2012). Joseph encouraged her daughter to pursue her dreams. Her father, Herbert Goodall, was a business man who only wanted the best for his family. Once Jane received her toy chimpanzee, her fascination with animals became surreal. She would start to watch birds and other creatures that existed around her that she found amusing. Even while young, she had a dog named Rusty; Rusty taught Jane that animals do have minds of their own and emotions. Meanwhile, Jane read the book The Story of Dr. Dolittle, by Hugh Lofting; (Jane Goodall Institute) this encouraged her even more to go to Africa to study the wild life. She was most fascinated by the fact he was a doctor who could talk to animals. Goodall wanted to connect to the wild life in a way no one else has had before.

Jane was an intelligent woman who began her adulthood as a secretary at the University of Oxford. She then became more fascinated with films. She was hired to be a music director in a filmmaking business. This led her to meet some incredible ...

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...ause of her set out to do something she was passionate about. She gave her research a chance. Although it took more to authenticate her work, she did that in

ways you wouldn’t have thought of.

Jane still sets out to educated us humans on the species early scholars believe we resemble. Upon her research is has been seen that we do resemble chimpanzees in various ways. It up to you decided if it something you want to believe or brush off because it leads a lot of insight on humans character traits and personality. Her brave personality made us more insightful. Jane is truly the Primatologist of Our Time.

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In this essay, the author

  • Describes jane goodall as an extremely well-rounded, primatologist of our time. she received a stuffed chimpanzee at the age of one and named it jubilee.
  • Explains that jane's mother margaret myfanwe joseph encouraged her daughter to pursue her dreams and her father herbert goodall was a businessman who only wanted the best for his family.
  • Describes jane as an intelligent woman who began her adulthood as a secretary at the university of oxford. she became fascinated with films and was hired to be music director.
  • Narrates how goodall's close friend clo mange invited her to visit kenya in africa. she saved money to pay for the trip and met an anthropologist and paleontologist named dr. leakey.
  • Narrates how dr. leakey hired jane to be a secretary and assistant at coryndon museum, and she was able to dig up fossils with him. he was looking for someone to travel to tanzania to study the wild chimpanzees.
  • Describes how jane proved that females couldn't be secretaries in the 1960's by observing chimpanzees in their natural state.
  • Narrates how jane was sponsored by national geographic and sent over hugo van lawick, who was there to film her magnificent discoveries. they fell in love and married on march 28, 1964.
  • Narrates how jane goodall, a young primatologist, was published by national geographic and appeared on tv shows. she had to earn her ph.d. at the university of cambridge.
  • Narrates how jane and hugo started gombe stream research in 1965 to help with the research of wild chimpanzees.
  • Narrates how jane and hugo got divorced because of his travel situation, but they soon remarried. jane married the head of the tanzanian national park, derek bryceson, in 1975.
  • Narrates how jane's heartbreak encouraged her to go deeper into her research. she discovered that chimpanzees have a negative side, just like humans do.
  • Analyzes how jane saw a violent stage between two different types of chimpanzees. the kasakela attacked the kahama until there were all distinct.
  • Explains that jane goodall's contribution to the african society has not only shape them for the better, but also opened our minds about chimpanzees in a different way.
  • Opines that jane is a leader because of her passion for her research. she educated us humans on the species early scholars believe we resemble.
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