The Effects Of Music And Songs On A Classroom At The Hood And The Rest Of Y ' All Too

The Effects Of Music And Songs On A Classroom At The Hood And The Rest Of Y ' All Too

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The title of this paper has one potential problem. The title suggests that there is a limit to using music and songs in a classroom to help students learn. The reality is, there may not be a limit but instead it is a method with untapped potential that contains no foreseeable problems. Dr. Christopher Emdin talks about his experiences using music in the classroom as a form reality pedagogy in his book, For White Folks Who Teach in the Hood...and the Rest of Y’all Too. Emdin was a science teacher during this time and so when he used it, it was used in a science classroom. In addition, in an article by Edmund Adjapong and Christopher Emdin, it is discussed again in a science room context (Adjapong & Emdin, 2015). This begs the question, “How can this theory be used in other subjects?”
Jung Kim and Isaura Pulido focused on using hip-hop in a classroom because of its relativity to the lives of the students outside of the classroom (Kim & Pulido, 2015). This idea is directly related to the overarching theme of reality pedagogy found in Dr. Emdin’s work (Emdin, 2016). Dropout rates in areas like Chicago hover around 50%. In addition, there are an overwhelmingly high number of students that stay in school but still feel marginalized by the school or the curriculum as well as a number of other factors (Kim & Pulido, 2015). Kim and Pulido argue that, using hip-hop music reaches those students that feel marginalized, and that perhaps, if done correctly and continuously, the drop-out rate would drop significantly.
(Rock and Roll)Christopher Soper is an example of an individual who uses music in a subject other than science. Soper wrote about the power of using music in a Political Science class (Soper, 2010). Soper opened up the discussio...

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...des to music in the classroom are, or if there are any. But instead this research has shown that the power of music reaches to more than just Emdin’s science class as well as more than just in high school and more than just hip-hop. Soper’s Political Science class using rock and roll, Sciullo’s Philosophical discussions in an undergrad class, as well as Tupac’s work and it’s relevance to social work, are all examples of the many ways that show the power of music in the classroom. Besides the one warning by Soper which reminded the readers that some content in hip-hop can be offensive and have language that is equally offensive, and that they need to be mindful of those potential problems (Soper, 2010), it is clear, through this research, that using music to help a student grow is an essential key to helping the students reach their highest potential level of growth.

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