Childhood Development And Erikson's Theory Of Psycho-Social Development

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Personal childhood development from the perspective of Erik Erikson’s theory of Psycho-social Development Erik Erikson introduced us to eight stages of development that happens over a person’s lifespan. At each stage, there is a developmental task with a crisis that will need to be resolved to successfully go through that stage development. During these tasks, vulnerability is increased and there is enhanced potential. If the task is handled successfully, then we can see healthy development occurring. This idea of people going through different stages helps to explain why people develop differently and how one develops during childhood can directly affect how they will be and/or act during later years in life. This paper will examine my personal …show more content…

During this time, people will find themselves facing the task of self-discovery. Everything from what they believe in, what they want in life, to discovering who they are as a person (Santrock 2014). Technically, I am still in this stage. I remember facing many questions like where I wanted to go to school, what I wanted to study, and even questions on what kind of lifestyle I wanted to live. During the times these questions were usually asked, I was extremely insecure. I felt like I didn’t belong anywhere and that I wasn’t pretty enough. As I progressed through this stage I started to see what really made me happy and where I wanted to fit in with society. An increase of independence can lead to better interactions with schools, neighborhoods, and communities (Sokol 2009). I started to get involved with student senate, Dance Company, and community service during the earlier years of adolescents. I didn’t start out doing these things but I had to adapt and change to participating in things that didn’t make me feel uncomfortable. I have had more than one identity crisis; I went from being a total stoner, to partying/drinking every day, joining the Mormon religion, practicing Buddhism, and then to wanting to live in a van for the rest of my life. As I reach the end of this developmental stage, I have a sense of self. I have learned to respect others regardless of differing factors like religion. In Erikson’s theory of Psych-Social development, I successfully made it through this developmental period and gained the skills necessary to

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